There is a lot going on these days. Till last week, I was busy making a custom WordPress theme as a project and for now, I feel a bit relaxed from work! Well, I had submitted my writings for a few Indian online magazines, and one among them is Muse India, which is located in Hyderabad, India and showcases Indian Talent in the arena of writing. I stumbled on this site long time back and thought of submitting my poems to be exposed among some well known Indian writers too! They liked my work and accepted to publish my poems in their online E-Journal Issue 54 (Mar-Apr 2014) .

So, I thought of sharing this achievement with my fellow bloggers and friends. I hope you all like reading this and probably get inspired as well! 🙂

Read Amreen B. Shaikh’s Poetry in Muse India (Issue 54)

Have a great time all! Stay Happy! Stay Inspired!

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