This week, Yahoo! showcased a video link as one of its top stories on the front page. What caught my attention was the title, stating “I didn’t like my father”. I was so inquisitive about the title, that I decided to read more about it and know what made this boy hate his father. Well, this was because I feel a lot of children these days dislike their parents, for some reason or the other. In fact, there are a hell lot reasons to verify this general conception of hatred.

I further learnt that this video was a Singapore short drama/film of approx. 7:30 mins. The Film is named “Gift”. The story revolves around a not-knowing son and his hiding-my-secrets father, where the son is always frustrated with his father’s unambitious nature. He feels that his father is an unsuccessful man and he decides to be successful, unlike his father by studying hard to achieve his dream. When he turns successful, he isolates himself off his father and tries to curb any communication with him, which happened due to his ever-growing hatred towards his father over the years they were together. And eventually, one day he learns about his Father’s secrets, the ones which were more beautiful than his own success and this makes the son realize his unreasonable abhorrence towards his father.

The story is well-written and directed. It has a beautiful moral to life in the end. I think, the video says it all and I must encourage everyone to watch this to realize the beauty in giving and how happiness is not limited to riches.

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