‘Of inspirations and change’ by Crystalanne Elizabeth Pierce

Welcoming and presenting Crystalanne Elizabeth Pierce, blogging on crystalanneelizabeth.wordpress.com, who have authored today’s #100DeedsOfChange article and shares her thoughts on what it means to inspire and her opinions and words on change! Before we could read her contribution, let us know her better.




I am of Native American/Scottish decent born and raised on Vancouver Island, and an Island Girl at heart. I have written one complete manuscript based on the life of a fictional Native American Tribe in Alaska dedicated to my maternal Grandmother who was a residential school survivor. My Uncle is the hereditary Chief of the Tsimshian nation. I hope to preserve our legacy on paper for future Native American children so that they can realize their potential to change this world. I would like the opportunity to write stories about love, life, adventure and fairies. Cause I like fairies. Also a manuscript dedicated to my parents who made me who I am called “Growing up addicted” Based on my life being raised by two addicts and how I flourished despite the odds. My life is not perfect, but I am hopeful that one day it might be close to it.

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About Inspirations and Change

                                                                                               – Crystalanne Elizabeth Pierce

What does it mean to inspire? What does it mean to make change in the world? I found myself asking these questions recently. Wondering if in my life I had done anything to inspire anyone? I realized that I might not be making huge changes, like stopping Global Warming or ending world hunger. I have though made some small impacts on the world, how you ask? I try to be involved in social media. I know it might sound flaky to say such things, but I do it because I want to be connected to the world. I want to know what is going on around me. I take note of locale protests if they affect me or gain my attention and than try my hardest to get the word out even if I know I cannot attend.


Well protesting and even just talking about a cause fuels its fires. Do you still think that one person cannot make a change? I have to ask, have you ever tried to sleep in a hot room with a mosquito? That mosquito will buzz around your head and bite at you until you feel like your going to lose your mind leaving itchy bites that well itch. We the people are those mosquitos. It is up to us to stop things from happening, we cannot just sit around and wait for the change to happen, it won’t. Bite, buzz, annoy. You and I have to make it happen. I don’t mean you have to get out and be completely obsessed and dedicate your whole life to a cause. Every poke we make at those damaging the world or pushing for things that will ultimately destroy our way of life, we win a small victory. I am trying to help with the BC Pipeline issue here in Canada being part Native American cherishing my land is in my blood. I know that the BC Pipeline will bring in big money. Is it really worth it in the long run? The damage that will be done to our lands will be immense. The deer, the wolves and the bears that live on that land, all drink from its waters. Just take a look at Florida and the devastation that was caused after a nearly month long spill. I am praying that my posts, my shares, my like’s will in some small way elicit some kind of change. I know they will as you are reading this right now, change is happening. Your mind is now aware of a cause you might not have been aware of, all because I decided to write about this subject. It might not seem huge, but it is. You are now apart of the cause just by knowing about it.

I am uncertain if you will agree with me, but I can assure that if you do decide to take a stand against an injustice, or just have an opinion, please do not be afraid to speak up, do not feel like it is not worth it, to you it is and that means the world. Be that mosquito! Annoy the heck out of those world leaders until you see change. I promise you that if you just try, you cannot fail. You can only inspire.



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