Reliving the childhood days! #MyMowgliMemory

“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. Indeed! Those days when drawing broken sunrises with colorful pastel crayons, watching historic and simple cartoons with bunches of laughter, playing under the sun like a mirthful butterfly and living the human touch rather than the joys of virtual connect can never be replaced and are immensely beautiful and worth cherishing, agree? Those childhood days, when innocence brushed our faces … Continue reading Reliving the childhood days! #MyMowgliMemory

Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

Together is a wonderful place to be. Isn’t it? A person is unable to be happy or enjoy life, by being alone. Memories, too, cannot be created alone. It is only through togetherness and unity, that we can achieve things, be happy, rejoice, share, love, initiate and create memories. I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do … Continue reading Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

Words & Wisdom- The Mystic Nature!

Nature is a beautiful reflection of God. And the best rescue to attain peace, tranquil and content, isn’t it? Many perceive it as an inspiration, and some perceive it as their muse.  What is nature for you? Has it ever been your rescue for solace or your rescue for inspiration or maybe, just your silent friend when you were a lost wanderer within its captive beauty? … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- The Mystic Nature!

Beautiful snowflakes!

I recently stumbled upon this post, where a photographer Photographer Alexey Kljatov takes incredible close-up photos of snowflakes in his backyard in Moscow. “I capture snowflakes on the open balcony of my house, mostly on glass surface, lighted by an LED flashlight from the opposite side of the glass, and sometimes in natural light, using dark woolen fabrics as background.” –  Alexey Kljatov His photography … Continue reading Beautiful snowflakes!