Reliving the childhood days! #MyMowgliMemory

“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.

Indeed! Those days when drawing broken sunrises with colorful pastel crayons, watching historic and simple cartoons with bunches of laughter, playing under the sun like a mirthful butterfly and living the human touch rather than the joys of virtual connect can never be replaced and are immensely beautiful and worth cherishing, agree? Those childhood days, when innocence brushed our faces and curiosity ruled our mind, but our hearts were filled with happiness, beauty and joy, were the most amazing, isn’t it?

For a 90s Kid, childhood is incomplete without The Jungle Book when Mowgli (A young boy) was the best friend we had on the television and “Jungle Jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai…” rang in our minds and played on our lips while we played the different outdoor games or completed our homework.

The Jungle Book

In childhood, The Jungle Book series was the most favorite past-time for me and since, it would telecast once a week, I was always curious about what would happen next in Mowgli’s life. As a kid, I was always fascinated by the jungle life and how animals and human could communicate and make a strong bond of friendship, love and compassion. The trees, the lakes and the voices of the animals in a jungle seemed so pleasant and I always dreamed of living it, someday. In fact, I dreamed of adventures with Mowgli and helped rescue the natural life from the claws of Human destruction.

The connection of love and warmth that Bagheera (The Panther) and Baloo (The bear) gave to Mowgli interested me, always. I loved how Akela (The Wolf) and Raksha (The Wolf) went forward to parent Mowgli and accepted him as a part of their family, like how today, we adopt animals to shelter and parent them. The entire story had such blissful moments of friendship, human-animal bond and the fact that nature is always full of treasure. The feel of sunsets and sunrises in the midst of nature is and will always be irreplaceable.

The Jungle Book

If one would ask me about the best scenes in the movie, I’d say, there were many! One was on how the friendship between Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera blossomed and how they turned out to be best-friends-forever and be-with-you-till-the-last-breath friends. It shows how humans and animals can be friends and help each other to live peacefully.

Another one was when Mowgli got lost in the woods and was then rescued by Akela and Raksha who later adopted him as their son and according to me, it was the first ever story I ever saw, where animals parented a human and it shows how a bond can be build between the living on this earth and it is something which is beyond explanation for me.

Next was when Mowgli despite failed attempts, faces Shera and wins over him to fulfill the hunter’s oath he took and it teaches us that despite all the difficulties in our life, though how hard and tough they may seem, if we persevere and have determination, we can be successful.

Revisiting The Jungle Book after years, as an adult, seems not less than reliving an euphoric memory, which goes beyond words. I am looking forward to watch it and enjoy!

What are your memories about The Jungle Book and who was your favorite character or what was your favorite scene in the series? Share your thoughts in the comment section.




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