Hindware (HSIL) bagged the Good Homes award 2015 for the most innovative brand in the sanitaryware category.

An interior is the natural projection of the soul.
— Coco Chanel

Indeed, a classy and elegant interior of a house is in the heart and the soul and can make us live many cherishing memories. Our house is a reflection of our dreams and desires while the bathroom and the sanitaryware defines the hygiene of the house, isn’t it?

When we think of a hygienic bathroom, aspects like a royal look and finish of the bathroom interior sometimes get compromised, because factors like, high-tech innovative design, plush interior, smart-end technology, good customer service and expensive price comes into picture, agree?

But, what if a brand enables us to live the idea of a wonderfully crafted bathroom interior where everything is meticulously designed, enhanced innovative impression packed with technology are offered, the issues of a customer are met and reasonable price range is offered? Well, pinch yourself for sure, because this is pure reality!

“They say a legacy is not made, but built. And when it’s built, it’s your very own.”, goes the tagline of an award-winning sanitary ware brand Hindware, which has built its legacy by providing innovative and inspiring designs over the last five decades. It has facilitated optimum customer satisfaction through the promise of giving superior quality products with unrivaled technology by redefining the meaning of innovation in people’s lives.

Hindware (HSIL) has recently won the Good Homes award 2015 for being the most innovative brand in the sanitary ware category.

Good Homes is India’s leading home and décor magazine which felicitates and appreciates experts from the interior design arena for their leading ideas, design concepts and innovations. The award, called the Good Homes Award, was given this year to Hindware (HSIL) in the bathroom and sanitary ware category as the most innovative brand for its outstanding products, design and customer trust.

What makes Hindware the answer to endless innovation and design?

Hindware has recently launched an array of products in the sanitary ware range which are not only unique and elegant in design and technology, but also facilitates simplicity in use, keeping consumers in mind.

  • A completely hands-free water closet range which enables an automated experience by the press of a button, thus taking a big leap in interactive designs. It is hence, luxury and comfort in its ultramodern form. This product thus provides an exemplary range of hi-tech toilets with minimum remote operation and fully automated control panel luxury, covering all your needs by just the press of a button.
  • A Rain Spa with therapeutic massage column, mist spray, and mood lighting is another innovative and creative addition to the recent launches. It incorporates ambient rain showers which is the essence of lively and creative luxury in its purest form. One can bask in 7 enchanting colors which complements our mood, giving us a sensual high.
  • The Rimless Technology had made them reach a new technological milestone in the water closet segment and has immensely revolutionized the concept of water efficiency and hygiene. It is equipped with superior and powerful swirling motion flushing system which facilitates a luxurious finish, thus making cleaning easier and better while being hygienic and water-saving. The unglazed part is eliminated to leave no scope for any residue and hence, the bowl looks cleaner and shinier. Powerful swirling motion flushing, provides consistent and flawless cleaning. Clean design with concealed trap. Regular cleaning is simplified – you can just scrub it with a sponge. A quick wipe-over with a cloth will produce sparkling results with no compromise in design.
  • Other launches in the innovation range include, Poncho (designed exclusively for children) and Designer Faucets (inspired by the world, created under robotic supervision and precision).

The award is hence, the reaffirmation of the fact that Hindware continues to be the most admired bathroom company in India providing meaningful and innovative solutions to customers across demographics.

What are your thoughts on a graceful yet smart bathroom interior? Aren’t the technology-and-customer-friendly designs of Hindware a must try? Share your views and opinions in the comment section.


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