Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

Together is a wonderful place to be. Isn’t it? A person is unable to be happy or enjoy life, by being alone. Memories, too, cannot be created alone. It is only through togetherness and unity, that we can achieve things, be happy, rejoice, share, love, initiate and create memories. I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do … Continue reading Togetherness, the ‘real’ one!

“The Be Inspired Weekly” writing challenge #23

Greetings! The Be Inspired Weekly is in its 23rd Week! I would like to thank all the participants from the previous challenge, where it was to write a Clerihew.   “A Clerihew dedicated to Batch” by Tinfinity “The Mighty Avenger” by Mel “FairyTale” by Brenda Thanks for writing such amazing Clerihews 🙂 This week’s challenge is to write a Monoku. Write a Monoku poetry on any … Continue reading “The Be Inspired Weekly” writing challenge #23

PTWWW Be Inspired Challenge #10

Hello friends, fellow bloggers and readers! Happy New Year to all of you and wishing this year bring you loads of happiness and cheer in your life. It’s Tuesday, it’s the Be Inspired Challenge day. When I wrote the challenge’s title, I felt happy to know that this is the 10th Week of the Challenge and I would like to thank everyone who has been … Continue reading PTWWW Be Inspired Challenge #10

“PTWWW Be Inspired” Writing Challenge #3

Heya Readers! Challenge #2 saw a single participant- Thanks Moi for attempting! It was really a good write:) This week I have an image quote to inspire your write. Rules are simple! Write anything (short story/ poem/ rant/ short paragraph) by getting inspired by the quote above and express what it means to you. Also, be creative, metaphoric and write something out-of-the-box! These challenges … Continue reading “PTWWW Be Inspired” Writing Challenge #3

Be Inspired Writing Challenge #2

Hi Everyone! Thanks to everyone who participated in the previous challenge: maryampen moi handpickedmyself Eleni A round of applause to the above challengers! You are amazing! This week’s challenge is to get inspired by a quote: Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it. ~~~Blaise Pascal  Use the above quote to find … Continue reading Be Inspired Writing Challenge #2

Be Inspired Writing Challenge #1

Heya Readers!  I’ve already discussed with you all about the Writing challenge I will be hosting to keep you inspired in life. Words a window to happiness as it helps anyone of us to spread mirth, vent anger, shed tears and be inspired! I encourage everyone to write a short story, poetry or just a small paragraph to describe this image or what comes to … Continue reading Be Inspired Writing Challenge #1