Be Inspired Writing Challenge #1

Heya Readers! 

I’ve already discussed with you all about the Writing challenge I will be hosting to keep you inspired in life. Words a window to happiness as it helps anyone of us to spread mirth, vent anger, shed tears and be inspired!

I encourage everyone to write a short story, poetry or just a small paragraph to describe this image or what comes to your mind when you see or what you feel does it speaks out to you. Whatever you write, let the juices of imagination and creativity flow across. 

Once you are done with that amazing write of yours, post it to your blog and submit the link back to this post in the comment box, so I could read it and comment it. 

I will award the writers who write for consistently a month with the “Be Inspired Award”!

So, start writing guys! I am waiting to read your wonderful posts:)

Be Inspired!

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

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