TATASky+ Transfer: Entertainment within my pocket!

This post won the TATA Sky’s ‘TATASky+ Transfer Campaign’ hosted by Indiblogger


Mobile Media Entertainment is an invention
that permits you to be entertained
anytime, anywhere.
Isn’t it true?

Well, recently, I was surfing Facebook, when I stumbled upon a post related to TATASky+ Transfer. The short video on the Tranferkar‘s Family and their Tagline, ‘Record.Transfer.Carry‘ intrigued me to know more about the product. Further, I learned that TATASky+ Transfer allows us to transfer/stream our favorite recorded shows, directly on our Android or iOS devices, anytime, anywhere! I mean, where was this invention, when I was a kid? *Sigh*

I also watched the below video which accompanied the article. Have a look!

And then, I went into a long thought of how, if TATASky+ Transfer would have been installed at my home, how entertaining my life would be?

Aha! a TATASky+ Transfer set top box installed at a very reasonable price of Rs. 9,300, inclusive of TATASky+ Transfer Connection + Standard Activation whereas, existing subscribers could purchase the MultiTV connection for Rs. 8900.

Usually, I miss out on many of my favorite shows because I’ve work assignments to complete, which is why, I have to resort to YouTube or the respective channel’s official site, to catch up with the missed episodes. The aspect ratio of the videos are not always compatible for viewing and sometimes, I face bad video quality. There are days when the requested video is not put up and I’ve to wait for a few days to watch the repeat. Also, the most important factor is internet connection, which further affects the mobility and flexibility of entertainment for me!

With TATASky+ Transfer, I don’t need to be in a dilemma to either complete my office assigments or sacrifice my favorite Zindagi series, like Shehr-e-Zaat, Jackson Heights, Feriha, or Entertainment series like, Bigg Boss, Comedy Nights with Kapil, Dance+, or other lifestyle channels like TLC and NDTV Good Times.

Because, with the Transfer Recorded Content feature and HD Recording feature, I can transfer recorded content in HD clarity from the set top box onto my device using Wi-Fi. Also, I can view the recorded content on my device, anywhere, without the need of Wi-Fi or internet connection. And the huge recording space of 500 GB allows me to store a large number of my favorite programs.

Entertainment within my reach, isn’t it? The excitement and thrill doesn’t end here! 

I can view my favorite movies or shows in 1080i resolution, with incredibly vivid colors and images that are 5X sharp in a wider aspect ratio of 16:9, providing me with an enhanced viewing experience and also giving me a home theater experience as TATASky+ Transfer supports cinema style Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Not just that, I can also skip boring clips, replay the scenes I want to and freeze my favorite moments using the Rewind.Forward.Pause feature.

Television and Entertainment, at its best, indeed!

Another exciting, value-added-feature of TATASky+ Transfer is VOD (Video On Demand). It is India’s First VOD Service, which enables us to watch our favorite shows, movies and concerts, at our convenience. With the VOD Library, we can choose from a wide catalog of the latest TV shows, an assortment of recent Hollywood & Bollywood evergreen classics and contemporary movies of learning videos, music concerts, theater plays and TV shows.

Do you demand more? The Perks are still yet come!

Some additional features of TATASky+ Transfer

features additional
Photo Courtesy: TATASky+ Transfer


Why TATA Sky?

Tata Sky Transfer
Photo Courtesy: Tata Sky


What stops you from buying
this coveted medium of endless entertainment, which I prefer?
Bring home the revolutionary idea of fun
Yes, you heard it right! It’s TATASky+ Transfer!

With TATASky+ Transfer,
busy lifestyle and tensions can be at bay,
cuz, in other words, it means,
Karlo Entertainment Muththi Main.




Photo Courtesy: TATASky+ Transfer

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