How 27Coupons helped me shape my creativity!

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
~~~ Albert Einstein

I truly believe that creativity is enjoyable. When we are creative and innovative in doing a certain task, we actually rejoice and have fun. In this way, we also learn a things, a lot better and do not find it monotonous and boring.

Whenever I’m assigned a task, I try and think out of the box and do not stick to the standard norms of completing a task. This way, I perceive things and aspects differently and give others, a way to broaden their outlook and perception. In fact, I learn from others too.

I am a very creative person. Since childhood, I have loved doing arts and crafts. I also excelled at them and was always among the best of students, in regards to extra-curriculum. But, when I entered college, I was rather burdened with studies and did not get much time to invest in my interests.

Blogging gave me a good way to explore my creativity and I again started to indulge in some amazing DIY, arts and crafts. Recently, I started to learn Hand Lettering and Doodles. I was always fascinated by the creativity and efforts that go into creating those amazing art of doodles and also the way, ink can give out such elaborate and mesmerizing creation of hand letters.

You can’t use up Creativity,
the more you use,
the more you have.
~~~ Maya Angelou

I started to learn these new skills on Pinterest and went through a lot of videos and image tutorials and tried my best at making those. I am still an amateur in Hand lettering and Doodling, but I keep the perseverance, intact!

I have even shared my doodles and hand lettering art on my blog, some in form of quotes, or in the form of inspiring images, or in the form of poems, and my readers completely enjoy them. This makes me proud and happy, that my work is liked and appreciated.

Creativity is contagious,
pass it on.
~~~ Albert Einstein

By now, I have learned many techniques of Hand Lettering and Doodles, and have improved, too. I feel, that these skills can be used in many ways. I can gift my friends and family, with hand-made gifts or customized gift wraps and drawings. Today, everyone of us likes customized gifts and art. I feel making frames of doodles or a customized gift wrap of hand lettering can be just so special, isn’t it?

For this, I needed to buy dedicated stationery, as I’ve been using normal sketch pens and plain paper for making those hand lettering art and doodle art. Hence, I googled online for buying fine pens and drawing paper.

Image Courtesy: 27Coupons

Many sites were available, but then I stumbled upon 27 Coupons. This site was an amazing encounter, indeed! The best part of it is that rather than buying directly from e-commerce shopping sites and availing no discounts, one can buy from 27Coupons, which is tied up with a variety of online e-commerce shopping sites, ranging from apparels, electronics, stationery, appliances and many more. The list is indeed endless. I was overwhelmed to see the wide range of e-commerce shopping sites, it is a part of and also, the huge discounts it provides on the purchase of each product. Isn’t that cool?

shop and rating
Image Courtesy: 27Coupons

First, I registered myself to the site and instantly got an approval message (the service is quick and fast). Then, I clicked on the Coupons menu, where there are various filters in terms of universal search of a product, Partner Stores, Category, Bank offers and Coupon type. I selected a partner store, called, Stationery Shop, in terms of dedicated Online Stationery Shopping. 27Coupons showed me offers and deals available with the Shop. Apart from that, 27Coupons also shows the rating of the shop, generated through previous customer reviews and also the coupon’s success rate, so we can finalize a product. It also gives information about the validity of a coupon, so we can buy the product within the stipulated time. I really found these features of 27Coupons, appealing and wonderful!

succes rate
Image Courtesy: 27Coupons

When I visited the site, I was amazed! The site has varied options on buying stationery. It was like a one stop shop for online stationery shopping. It has varied options available under Office Stationery, Facility Supplies, Writing Supplies, Office Machines, Computers & IT and furniture. This was really ecstatic and overwhelming!

For some time, I kept visiting various sections and deals available with the site and then finally, after complete acquaintance, I searched for drawing paper and fine pens. I selected Classmate Drawing book and the page had detailed information about it and also a video. Then, I searched for a suitable pen for drawing and doodling and found a perfect set of 2 fine line pens from Triplus Brand. Here again, I received a detailed information of the product and hence, I had the satisfaction of buying the perfect product for my work. Other than that, detailed information of any product gives it customers, a close view of what they are buying, thus making them assured.

Being Creative is not a hobby
it is a way of life.
~~~ Anon

The total came up to Rs. 224 and it was completely reasonable. I bought the items and am completely happy. I have even started making various hand lettering art and doodle art at home and gifted a few handmade items to my friends and family.

Apart from that, I have even made a few hand made hand lettering art on various social causes and plan to donate them or use them in creating social awareness. I plan to buy more items online from 27Coupons in the future, because I found it reliable and easy.

Yesterday, I was scrolling through a many 27Coupons‘ deals and struck upon an awesome deal, where, on buying 5 tees, I get a cool bag. I feel that can be an amazing gift for my brother’s upcoming birthday. I know he will be happy, but 27Coupons will make me happy too!

tees sale
Image Courtesy: 27Coupons

I encourage friends and readers to go through 27Coupons and get their hands on some awesome and fantastic deals and offers, and take the advantage of super deals. I personally feel that 27Coupons‘ provide the best coupons and offers to save money, while buying our favorite products.

Shopping made fun and easy and superb
with amazing deals and offers at 27Coupons.
~~~ Amreen Shaikh

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