When I opted for clean air & a beautiful home with #RoyaleAtmos!

Reading the latest WhatsApp chat, I sneezed for the hundredth time today.

Hey Amreen! We’ve a new Social Cause Campaign coming up for bloggers & we need you to share the importance of having a garbage bin installed at every shop and area to minimize garbage littering. Request you to please acknowledge the same and revert on abc@xyzpr.com”

Rubbing my nose with the hanky, I think to myself that hopefully, this initiative brings a lasting change. These issues need to be ended else we humans won’t be getting a way out of infections and health hazards.

While I get involved in researching for writing on Installation of Garbage Bin: A new initiative to curb Air Pollution, read what happens in my house.


Dust on the Furniture (Dusty): (laughs) Crazy! She thinks that pollution can be curbed with these petty initiatives. I believe she’s not aware of us.


Plant in the living room (Planter): (Sadly) You’re true Dusty! She’s innocent. Humans are not aware that the quality of Indoor air is, on average two to five times worse than outdoor air. She doesn’t know that hidden pollutants like you exist in large numbers.

Dusty: That means she isn’t aware that we are made of Volatile Organic Compounds and increase with humidity?

Planter: Unfortunately, no! Else she would have done something to evade your existence from the house. She also would have been free of the infection she has currently.


Room Heater (Heater): Guys, it’s me! (happily) I’m glad that the cause of her infection is me. She assumes that a heater will warm her house & protect her, but little does she know that the humidity only makes me stronger and powerful to cause her infections.


Cigarette in the ashtray: Dude! I believe you forgot me! It’s not just your efforts but mine too! It was because I spread vigorously in the entire room and affected her internal body.

Heater: Yes bro, agree. It’s us.

Planter: (Interrupts) Guys! It’s not entirely your win. She helped as well. If she would have properly ventilated her room, she wouldn’t have contracted any disease or infection.


Pet’s Dander & Hair (Dandy): Guys! She did take medicines but you know why she didn’t get cured? It’s because of me. I have tried my best to spread in the air and make her condition worse.

Planter: Wish if she would have cleaned her pet every day, you’d have got no chance to spread.


Air: Truly! I’m also tired of all these pollutants. I’m assumed as clear & pure but little do humans know that indoors, I’m not just made of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Water Vapor. I’m not all things good.

Dandy: So what’s the bad in you?

Air: Indoors, I’m composed of Benzene, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Trichloroethylene, Xylene, Toluene, Asbestos, Airborne particles & Pesticides.

Dusty: Ohh! I’m also made of Formaldehyde and you can see my consequences on her.

Heater: Yay! Present Mr. Air! I emit Carbon Monoxide!


Glass Cleaner on the table: I’m present too! I’m composed of Ammonia. Every time she cleans the glass, I release small amounts of Ammonia, which only contaminates you, Mr. Air!

Air: (Sadly) Yes I know! I just traveled back from the Kitchen area & now I’ve grown more contaminated.

Heater: Yes, I can see that you seem more dirty and filthy.

Air: She was making herself an omelet and the chemicals on the non-stick cookware oozed out and joined me. Also, the fridge is composed of a few expired items and the smell has consumed the kitchen. Even, the kitchen walls were damped with moisture due to rains and will soon become home to molds. Mr. Dusty, the carbon monoxide content in me is not just from you, but from a number of other things too.

Dusty: Is it? Who else is my competitor?

Air: Carbon Monoxide is emitted from the Gas stoves, heaters, garage area, and fireplaces. Apart from that, the Volatile Organic Compounds that I’m composed of are again from a number of things in the house like, mops, paints and every furniture in the house.

Planter: I’m trying my best to purify you, Mr. Air. But, you must be knowing that I’m not capable enough to help you get rid of these nasty pollutants.

Air: Truly, Planter. Last month, I was in the nearby flat and I had a great time there.

Planter: (Excited) How Mr. Air?

Air: The residing lady is very fond of plants. She has decorated her living room with Areca Palms and they are wonderful. The atmosphere there was much cleaner and healthier. When I conversed with the plant, it told me that it’s one of the most popular plants for filtering the air of any harmful pollutants. It was boasting about the fact that NASA has approved it as the most efficient plant for Indoor filtering of pollutants like Benzene, Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Carbon Monoxide, Xylene, and Toluene.

Planter: I’ve heard of this variety. Wow! I wish Amreen can plant them here as well. This house would become so clean and airy then, isn’t it?

Air: Yes, it’s not just Areca Palms but other effective plants as well, which help in Indoor filtering like Peace Lily, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Variegated Snake Plant, Red-Edged Dracaena, Dwarf Date Palm, Weeping Fig, Bamboo Palm, Lilyturf, Boston Fern, Broadleaf Lady Palm and Chinese Evergreen to name a few. All of these can help me stay pure from one or more of these pollutants.

Planter: Oh! I wish that she gets any one of these at home! I pray that she gets a hint on purifying indoor air and make her healthy. But isn’t it true that all these pollutants are nothing but man-made?

Air: Absolutely, I agree! You won’t believe that humans breathe an average of 3,000 gallons of air each day and almost 25% of outdoor pollution can enter indoors. Even an ounce of dust can become home to almost 40,000 dust mites.

Planter: OMG! That’s an astounding fact! And these humans believe that only littering the outdoors causes a menace to their health.

Air: I agree! Indoor Pollution can affect them in a number of ways like irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, skin, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, trouble in concentration, hypersensitivity, allergies, sinus congestion, coughing, nausea, and the list just goes on.

Planter: How can humans try to keep their house clean?

Air: They simply need to keep their house and bathrooms properly ventilated, test for Radon or Mold in their house & clean them, install Air filter system & replace the filters regularly, keep a healthy level of humidity, avoid cleaning products with artificial fragrances, avoid smoking indoors, wash their beddings’ regularly, clean their pets, place floor mats outside home entry points, reduce carpeting if possible.

Planter: That’s too much yet simple!

Air: Yes.

*While they were discussing the unhealthy air condition in my house, I, unaware of their talks, was watching TV and in the break, Deepika Padukone featured in an Advertisement. But, there was something suspicious as she was wearing a mask everywhere she went. Why?

At the end, she talked about how the Indoor Air is 5X more polluted than the outdoors and then she introduced Royale Atmos– paint that purifies air! No more #MaskedLife

Curious, I googled about Indoor Pollution and was shocked to see such alarming information about the health hazards of Indoor Pollution and everything about my poor health despite being indoors, started to make sense.

I decided to read more on Royale Atmos and was shocked to know that it-

  • reduces indoor pollutants like Formaldehyde, which is considered as the most dangerous indoor pollutant
  • releases fragrance and one needn’t worry about the chemical smell of paints
  • absorbs malodours thus improving indoor air quality
  • backed by activated carbon technology which powers it to purify the air
  • VOC Safe
  • comes with matte finish
  • equipped with Teflon which imparts excellent stain and scrubs resistance

After reading these and understanding how Royale Atmos works & how it is tested by Asian Paints, I was awestruck and instantly applied for it!


Within days, my walls were painted with Royale Atmos and I was happy because now I have #CleanAirBeautifulHomes

Planter & Air: (cheerfully) It’s not just you who is happy Amreen, we are as well! Woohoo!

All the other pollutants in the house: ???

Where are they?

Royale Atmos: (Smiling) They are where they were supposed to be- Out of the house! πŸ˜€



40 thoughts on “When I opted for clean air & a beautiful home with #RoyaleAtmos!

  1. I would not think that much about my health but for my son I make sure to make changes to my lifestyle that my son gets the purest air at least indoors. Thank you for the informative post.

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