Our newest goal as a couple: #HealthyLifestyle with #Evion

(While I post a tweet about the recently hyped conversation about Milind Soman’s #7HourMarathon, I initiate a conversation with my husband)

Me: Hub (that’s what I fondly call him) You know what! I think we should participate in a Marathon someday. What say?

when Wifey’s crazy about the trendy Hastags

Usama: (with a pale face) As a couple right? Those #CoupleGoals? Again?

Me: (excited) Yes hub! I’m simply excited about these trending hashtags and we could possibly make such an adorable #CoupleGoals Couple, right?

#always #so #excited #about #hashtag #goals

Usama: Hmm…yea!

Me: (more excited) And we could also post about it on our would-be ‘Couple Instagram Page’, cool?

#thats #so #me

Usama: Yes hun! Ok let us check out any upcoming Marathons that could be coming up in our city.

(While we surf the internet to check out upcoming Mumbai Marathons, we end up finding the Max Bupa #WalkForHealth Marathon coming up in February and when Usama sees that the Assembly time for the same is 5 AM)

Usama: (surprised) They must be kidding! Who goes for a Marathon this early?

Me: But hub, it would end by 7 AM as mentioned.

When the world doesn’t understand the pain of a routine life

Usama: (reluctanly) No hun! No way are we going for a Marathon this early, on a WEEKEND! It’s my only time to relax and spend time with you and since our marriage, we haven’t got a weekend to spend time relaxing and reminiscing our wedding phase, courtesy, the over-the-top Daawat from our Family members every weekend. (sighs)

Me: (with a sad face) Hmm hub! You’re right! We’re plain exhausted! To be honest, in the last 2 months, we haven’t even had taken care of our health. We’ve been simply hogging.

That’s my #mood at work!

Usama: And I can experience that at work when I get tired easily and even though you provide me with such delicious food in the Tiffin, I still feel there’s a loophole.

When I agree with my hub

Me: I cannot agree more hub! My stomach’s bulging out and post marriage, my abs are nowhere to be seen. I can now experience what it is when people say that post marriage, we put on weight. But, I hate this unhealthy lifestyle that we’ve succumbed to.

Usama: So true honey! Why not start jogging everyday in the nearby park?

Ain’t I #awesome?

Me: Hub! I’ve added Exercises to my Pinterest Feed and every day, I’ve been practising a few. I think that’s a good start for me.

When life’s already so tiring

Usama: That’s nice to hear honey! But I have no time to invest in any of these! How can I stay fit and active? Half of my energy gets consumed while I drive to work.

Me: So true hub! Pollution has really consumed us. Btw! Now that we talk about Pollution, I recollect reading about how Vitamin E helps in making one healthy enough to reduce the damage induced by Air Pollution.

Usama: Is it?

That’s me sans a Healthy Diet

Me: Yes! Infact, I believe that our unhealthy lifestyle, where we get tired and exhausted easily could be a possible result of Vitamin E Deficiency. Our symptoms probably match those.

Usama: So how do you think that we can overcome those?

Me: Well, a balanced and proper diet is the answer. I’ve read that simply exercise is not suffice. There has to be proper intake of nutrients to improve our lifestyle. While we do intake carbohydrates, fibres, fats and vitamins on a daily basis, there has to be a proper knowledge on which vitamin type are we missing, as they are lots.

Usama: Absolutely!

(While researching more on Vitamin E)

His #current #mood when I learn how I have been neglecting this crucial Vitamin

Me: See hub! Vitamin E is beneficial in providing our body with antioxidants, healing scars and acne, improving skin and hair texture, preventing premature aging, improving metabolism, strenghtening immune system, boosting our strength among many others.

Usama: (astonished) That’s an immensely essential nutrient we must be intaking.

Me: Absolutely hub! It’s also mentioned that one can get their share of Vitamin E through sources like nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, spinach, tomatoes, papaya, cucumbers, avocados…

Usama: Wait honey! Isn’t that too much? Who will keep a track of consuming these on a daily basis? I already see this as a distant dream!

Me: Agreed! Let’s check other alternatives.

(While we surf the internet, we stumble on Evion supplements which are India’s No.1 Vitamin E Brand, recommended by doctors)

Usama: That seems like a perfect match! Isn’t it?

I always am!

Me: Completely! Daily intake of Evion is not only convenient in this fast-paced life but also a good way of eradicating the deficiency, isn’t it?

Now that’s something!

Usama: (smiling) And why not share a picture of us sharing the benefits of using #Evion for a healthy lifestyle on our would be Instagram Page, hashtag #CoupleGoals?

(And we end up laughing)

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