Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment – Which is a Pocket-Friendly Option?

​Me: (rolls eyes, while looking at my husband) Hun, it’s just been a day that we posted about our #2MonthsOfTogetherness on our social handles and look at the condition of the newly bought bed. The cushion on the headboard has turned pale already! Do you think that buying this furniture was worth it?

Hubby: I can see that and probably it’s the glue the carpenter used which changed the colour. Wish we could have rented one instead of buying it for such huge bucks.

Me: (questioned) Renting?

Hubby: (smiles) Yea! Recently, one of my office colleagues Sandeep, told me about this interesting concept when I asked him about how he has such amazing home decor in the pictures of home, while he is just a few months old in this city. He says it’s not just the home interior but also the appliances at his place that are equally amazing and at the most reasonable prices! He then talked about Rentomojo being his rescuer.

Me: (still questioned) What’s Rentomojo?

Hubby: Well, it’s an online furnishing and appliance rental portal which aims at being an end-to-end furnishing solution for its consumers by providing them with the best in range home appliances and furniture on rent at affordable RMIs.

Me: (curiously) How does that work and what’s RMI?

Hubby: Well, we bought this expensive furniture by paying its complete price and now within months, the quality seems to wear out. Thus, we’re at a loss by not being able to fully consume the product at its value. Whereas with Rentomojo, we can rent furniture or appliance as long as we want and once we’re done using it, we can give it back, thus saving a lot of money. RMIs are the Monthly Rental Installments that we have to pay for the rented furniture or appliance where we get the opportunity to use the product first and then pay for it. The rental payment options vary from credit cards, auto debits, NEFT or NACH.

Me: Wow! Interesting! Tell me more about it!

Hubby: There’s a whole lot of other benefits to it. Sandeep told me that he booked the house decor by downloading their App and hence, he got a month’s free usage of the same. Isn’t that cool? Also, he told me that the delivery and installation was absolutely FREE and the service was hassle-free and on-time!

Me: (stunned) That’s not cool hun, that’s super cool!

Hubby: (laughs) Yea! They do take a fixed minimum amount as security deposit at the start which is completely refundable lest we make any damage to the concerned rented product. The minimum rental duration for any product is three months and the more we rent, the lesser rate of RMIs we pay. You know sweets what’s more interesting about this concept?

Me: I thought this was it! Are they for real?

Hubby: (laughs) Yea sweets! Sandeep said that they provide FREE maintenance, annual cleaning at an affordable price and we can even swap the products every 18 months at a lesser or same value to change the look of our house or any other product for that matter!

Me: Wish we knew about Rentomojo before, isn’t it?

Hubby: Sadly yes! If given an option, now it’s better to buy an unfurnished flat and make it worth the while with Rentomojo. But now, we can definitely rent a scooter for your travel purpose. Won’t that be a great start?

Me: Absolutely hun! Let’s download the Rentomojo App now!!


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