Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt: Review

Mother is not just a word, but a whole set of emotions and motherhood is one of the best things to happen to a woman. From carrying a child in their womb for months to having them delivered to taking care of them, it is an overwhelming experience and painful too. But mother as they are, they always overlook the pain that comes and enjoy … Continue reading Mamaearth Epsom Bath Salt: Review

My Jug: My Mom!

Stressed *calls mom* Happy *calls mom* Scared *calls mom* Anxious *calls mom* Sad *calls mom* Excited *calls mom* Annoyed * calls mom* You see how much my mom is a part of my life? I have had many friends since my childhood till today, but not all know my journey, my moments of stress, happiness and sorrow, except for my mom who has always been … Continue reading My Jug: My Mom!

How Surprise Someone is your ally for handmade gifts!

When you do good to others, better happens to you. Indeed, happiness is doubled when we do good to others. I had previously done a series of posts on The Happiness Drive where bloggers from across the world did some deed or the other to bring light in other people’s world. Isn’t that so beautiful? We all celebrate our favorite people and their special days … Continue reading How Surprise Someone is your ally for handmade gifts!

Mom- a title just above Queen!

…And when she came in her room and progressed towards the bed for a short nap, she saw an envelope placed on the bed-side table. It read, ‘To, My First Expert’. Her face was brushed with bewilderment and she opened it, to find a letter which read, ‘Mom- a title just above Queen!’. She recognized the handwriting, but decided to read through. “Dear Mom, I know … Continue reading Mom- a title just above Queen!