How Surprise Someone is your ally for handmade gifts!

When you do good to others, better happens to you.

Indeed, happiness is doubled when we do good to others. I had previously done a series of posts on The Happiness Drive where bloggers from across the world did some deed or the other to bring light in other people’s world. Isn’t that so beautiful?

We all celebrate our favorite people and their special days mean a lot to us, as that way, we express them our love and gratitude. Usually, we express our happiness to them by gifting a thing that is special to them. But, gifting ready-made gifts or cards are passe and to show our best emotion, why not DIY?

Hence, I decided to gift my best people something which I can make on my own, with my care, so that it holds more essence and value. But how?

Surprise Someone is my rescue to my Hand Made gifts. They claim that they create gifting products with special care and consideration and no design is finalized until it has a WOW factor. I couldn’t agree much! They surprised me with a beautiful collection of handmade gifts which are indeed worth their saying. But, will they impress my people?

All people close to me know that I love creativity and hence, I believe that in the coming days and months, I’m going to surprise my dear and near ones on their special day with gifts crafted by Surprise Someone.

Apparently, ‘first impression is the last impression’, as the saying goes, agree? So, any gift is not complete until it is wrapped gracefully, isn’t it? Paper wraps or gift bags could be the best option to hold the gift.

Surprise Someone sent me a vivid collection of gift bags, ranging from small to big ones, all in bright colors which appeal the eye and bring a smile on anyone’s face, asking for what’s inside that beautifully designed bag. Want an example?

Well, I recently filled the gift bags by Surprise Someone with ordinary papers. Reason, I wanted to see what her reaction would be? Would she insist to see what’s inside? Would she be okay with it? Would she be surprised?

I just left those bags on the sofa and let my mom explore them on her own. She was definitely mesmerized and well, surprised too! But also got a bit furious to see them brimmed with wasted papers.

According to me, Surprise Someone does abide by what it claims, because their products are worth, perfectly crafted and full of surprise. Friends, so next time you How you liked the gift think of buying gift bags for your gifts (I already told how essential they are), do not forget to try Surprise Someone!

Stay tuned for more surprises and happiness 🙂

How you liked the gift bags? Share your experience in the comment section.


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