Ben Ali and the sharp tooths #colgatemagicalstories

Once upon a time in the majestic sea of Arabia, there lived a king named William, under whose rule,the marine life was very happy. The king had a very beautiful and charming daughter named Merina. She was very kind and playful.


One day, while she was playing, she wandered into the dark area of the sea which was ruled by the Sharp Tooth gang. They were merciless and cruel. They disliked king William and would never lose an opportunity to destroy his kingdom and take over.

Stelly, the starfish disguised herself as the Clown fish with a unique color and appeared in front of princess Merina. Seeing a very unique colored fish, princess Merina started following her and ended up in the dark area of the sharp tooth gang. They took the princess and locked her up, deep down in the sea, into a dungeon.

King William got worried when he couldn’t find princess Marina who should have been home by now. Leaving his kingdom, he wandered in every nook and corner of the sea but to no avail. Due to the absence of his beloved daughter, day by day, he got weaker and weaker and one fine day, he died. All the sea creatures mourned upon the dead of their compassionate king.

Soon, the Sharp Tooth gang took over and they troubled each and every sea creature. Tired of their harassment, the wise old turtle went to ask the help of the Good Vibes. They were courageous and humble. They immediately got ready to start a war against the sharp tooths.


The great good pirate Ben Ali was a great fighter. He was accompanied by his team consisting of his sister Cathy, the parrot Twiddle, the Orca whale, the sucker fish Berry and the dolphin Bubbles. Ben Ali and his sister took off on the ship followed by their team.


They had to find a map to reach the hidden dungeon. The map was guarded by the members of the sharp tooth gang. Ben Ali jumped in the water and the fight broke in. Soon, they conquered the map and started their journey to the hidden dungeon. As they reached, it got darker and darker. Finally, after a while, they reached the dungeon. Princess Merina was in deep sleep. As Cathy was about to open the dungeon, the shark, the electra fish and the big mouth fish arrived. They threatened the good vibes gang to leave. But Ben Ali was determined to save the sea princess. They defeated the gang and rescued the princess.


The king had left a will that whoever finds princess Merina and rescues her will marry her and become the king of the majestic Arabian sea. Ben Ali kissed princess Merina which not only got her back to life but also turned her into a beautiful woman. She left the palace in the hands of the wise old turtle and all the sea creatures rejoiced over this. They were thankful to Ben Ali and Merina.

And they lived happily ever after.

The story is an illustration of courage! #colgatemagicalstories

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