8 Winter Essentials for Men

Dressing well is a form of good manners.
~~~ Tom Ford

The cool air of Winter has already enveloped us with its beauty and why not celebrate it with style? This time round, I have a list of winter essentials for men which they MUST have in their wardrobe. They not only keep you cozy and warm, but also bring out a sense of style and panache. So why not go through them and check if you are missing out on something?

What are the 8 Winter Essentials for Men?


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  1. J for Jacket

Leather Jackets are the best thing a man can wear. It cannot be tailored or altered, so make sure you buy one which fits you well and snugly. Keep in mind that it is something which will be useful for a many winters, so invest well in quality and colors like brown and black are the best to opt for.


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2. Call for Sweaters

The best alternatives to jackets are sweaters. Winter is all about layering and what’s better than sweaters which keeps you warm and act as an essential layer. There are many materials to choose from and my selection is a tee-sweater which not only looks cool and warm, but is also simple and stylish.


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3. Hoodies

Hoodies are very smart and go well for a casual look. It is also a good essential for winters as it serves the purpose of a shawl. Have you bought one for yourself yet?


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4. Check the Checkered

Checkered Shirts should be an integral part of a men’s wardrobe because they never seem to go out of fashion and are very much in vogue, this season. Don’t lose out on buying one!


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5. A pair of pants

No wardrobe is complete without a couple of pair of pants and jeans. Colors of the fall, like darker beige, shades in brown and black are in this season and are a must have.


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6. A wool beanie

Cover your head with a variety of woolen earmuffs or hat or beanie to make your look, look stylish.


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7. Someone missed the Scarf

Scarves are always the best layer to style. They add a glamour to your look and one can opt for plain, colored or striped ones to finish their look.


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8. The Mountaineering boots

No, we aren’t going mountaineering in winter and I know that India doesn’t snow except for a few northern regions. But, these boots indicate style with a rugged look and feel. They are very much in this season, while they keep your feet warm in this weather.

How you liked them? Do you already have them in your winter wardrobe? Share your views in the comment section.

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