Can micro-blogging be associated with blogging?

Is micro-blogging a part or derived from blogging? Well, to answer this question, one needs to understand first what blogging and micro-blogging is, in order to establish a relation between them. Blogging, or weblog, as it is stated, is a way or medium to note or keep a record of our daily or important events, ideas, opinions and thoughts. It is like a virtual diary … Continue reading Can micro-blogging be associated with blogging?


Sunrises Love is like the beauty of a sunrise, like a beginning filled with freshness and zeal like the gleaming of the sun on new grass after rain. And just like how sunrises promises the end of darkness and the dawn of brightness, let love be like sunrises- vibrant, illuminating, vivid, always alive and forever beautiful. And let love be like the rays of sunrises- inviting lovers to brighten … Continue reading Sunrises

Seasonal Love

Seasonal Love Its not that I don’t like seasons but, I hate the way they change their course reminding me of you and your love. I still remember how you came into my life just like the season of spring melting the dryness of my life. I reminisce about how like two lovely butterflies we spread the beauty of our love on every flower of … Continue reading Seasonal Love

A “click” that changed my life

Our life is an outcome of many events and the decisions we make are mostly influenced by the ideas and thoughts that click within our mind. We can never decide or ascertain that sometimes, our prompt decisions influenced by the clicks our heart gives us can bring us only happiness. Following the same lines, many times happiness came into my life by such clicks, by … Continue reading A “click” that changed my life

Weekly Photo Challenge – The hue of you 2 Entry

This photo clearly describes my mood today. The subtle yellow-green leaves describe my lazy mood, a little calm and silent one. Yet, today I have ventured many hurdles and feel energized within which can be portrayed by the red leaves. Also, in the back of my mind, I feel positive and happy and is conveyed by the sun rays falling on the tree and shining … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – The hue of you 2 Entry

CR – Picture writing challenge

I have always wanted to go to places as serene as this. The immediate view of it makes me feel at peace. A captivating scenery with huge, silent and green mountains, crystal clear and a calm lake by the side of a beautiful, chirpy street. One will be simply  spell bound the mystic colors of lifestyle which reflects in the shimmering waters and learn that … Continue reading CR – Picture writing challenge