Can micro-blogging be associated with blogging?

Is micro-blogging a part or derived from blogging? Well, to answer this question, one needs to understand first what blogging and micro-blogging is, in order to establish a relation between them.

Photo Courtesy : Google Images
Photo Courtesy : Google Images

Blogging, or weblog, as it is stated, is a way or medium to note or keep a record of our daily or important events, ideas, opinions and thoughts. It is like a virtual diary and a blog, more or less, defines a person or individual’s interests and likes. With the advent of blogging tools like, Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, many got a chance and platform to develop their interests in a more concrete fashion.

Photo Courtesy : Google Images
Photo Courtesy : Google Images

Micro-blogging, on the other hand, conveys the sharing of ideas, thoughts and opinions in a micro, mini, nano or short format. It aims mainly at expressing our thoughts in fewer words. “Fewer words, more impact”- micro-blogging it is! And with the dawn of social tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, many got a chance to convey and express them within a few words.

But can micro-blogging and blogging be associated? Well, not really! Blogging is a medium of self-expression and not every account or words which are shared or opinionated on the social platforms, a form of self-expression. Like for example, Companies use these social platforms for promotions of their products. In that case, there is no form of blogging present. But, when users create their identities on social sites for expressing or sharing their views about their experiences, thoughts, views and life, with pictures and videos, there is a sheer presence of blogging in it! There are people who create fan pages on social sites and share about their daily happenings online, though they are not using a blogging tool, their activities cannot be considered less than blogging, as they are expressing themselves.

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There is no length to views! It can be as big as an article, as short as a quote or loosely arranged “string of thoughts” called poetry. It is not always easy to grab someone’s attention with a long article, but a short statement can sometimes make a bigger impact.

Photo Courtesy : Google Images
Photo Courtesy : Google Images

Micro-blogging gives the readers a space or room for thinking. Fewer words engage the reader to ponder over the words and our mostly thought-lingering. In one way, Micro-blogging can be linked with blogging. For example, if we have written a blog post, we can use our micro-blogging account to state the central idea or main thought of the post and direct the readers to the post on the blog if they wish to know the entire concept. Thus, micro-blogging acts as a headline of the blog posts. And sometimes, micro-blogging can act on its own, if we have strong opinion about an event and wish to convey it in short with images or videos.

According to me, blogging and micro-blogging complement each other, as long as there is the presence of self-expression in the form of views, thoughts and opinions in it.

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