Got a better car with Quikr NXT

A few weeks back, I had gone for a long weekend vacation with my family to Mahabaleshwar. I must say, I had an awesome experience there, chilling around at different points and sharing a beautiful bond with nature. Well, it wouldn’t have been much easier and wonderful without my new car. If we would have taken a luxury bus or a train to commute to Mahabaleshwar, as we always did, it would have been boring for sure. But, for the first time, dad told that we would travel to this beautiful hill station by our car. We own a Maruti Suzuki Swift but it seems more or less incomplete. I personally feel that it doesn’t have a unique style.

Me and my brother wished to buy a new car for our family, which would be best for long travels. We wanted to surprise our parents with our gift for them. Our car was almost a part of us for 4 years and we decided to buy a new car for this travel. We wanted to surprise our parents. We thought of selling our car and buy a second hand car in return. We wanted to buy a Honda City as it somewhat defines youth with its beautiful look and style. Also, it is equipped with better features and is excellent in comfort.

Photo Courtesy :
Photo Courtesy :

When it comes to buying and selling, we always opt for Quikr and with the new Quikr NXT addition to the site, we feel transactions to be more efficient. We have previously used Quikr NXT for buying a few home accessories and have found it reliable. It is systematic and organized. We placed an ad online to sell our car and also used the MSP feature, where we got an estimate of selling it at an optimum price of Rupees 4,00,000. We thought any price near to it would be fine. With the chat system in Quikr NXT, we were able to keep a record of all the buyers and their price. Also, with photo sharing option, buyers were able to gauge the condition of our car. Within a few days, we got good responses to our ad and we finalized on a buyer who wanted to buy it for rupees 3, 85,000 and we agreed. The deal was done within a few days.

We now wanted to buy a Honda City with that amount and some surplus cash. We used Quikr NXT for the same. We even contacted our previous transactors to ask if they knew anyone who wanted to sell Honda City at a reasonable price. There were good sellers of Honda City and also the cars seemed to be in good condition. We wanted a white one. We had a couple of options to select from through the sort and filter option. We were able to track the seller’s status and also recommendations on our choice. There was also a favorite option to save searches we liked. There was also a sharing option. The seller shared with us detailed images of the car, so that we could make a decision. It seemed spacious and grand.

Photo Courtesy :
Photo Courtesy :

My brother and I finalized a seller who had a white Honda City I-VTEC and wanted to sell it for rupees 6,20,000. The car was in good condition and was only 4 years old. We finalized the deal at Rupees 5,85,000. The seller was kind and accepted the deal and we bought the car. The entire transaction from selling our car to buying an another one took place within 2 weeks and we were satisfied with the complete process. There weren’t much hassles and everything went smooth. Our parents were completely surprised to see our present for them. They were very happy and proud of us. We had an awesome time at Mahabaleshwar. It was nice to see our parents smiling each time they saw the car. They liked it very much.

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I feel Quikr NXT is more user-friendly, organized and simple. We were so happy to see our new car and really enjoyed the experience. The Mahabaleshwar Journey was enjoyable and amazing. Thanks to Quikr NXT! This post is a part of Indiblogger Happy Hours Activity in association with Quikr NXT

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