#SugarFreeDessertChallenge Splendid Experience Diary!

Save room for dessert I completely adhere to this commandment! Isn’t it so true that desserts hold a special place in our hearts and of course, palette, regardless of whether we like it or not. Last week, I was taken by surprise as I secured a ‘Top 3‘ winner place in the #SugarFreeDessertChallenge for my Dessert Recipe, ‘China Grass Pudding with nuts- Sugar Free Edition‘. … Continue reading #SugarFreeDessertChallenge Splendid Experience Diary!

My #BNLF Experience!

A blogger is incomplete without #BNLF And I mean it! There are a host of blogging communities out there, trying to give us bloggers an opportunity to rise and shine, but the first footsteps of giving an apt platform to bloggers for nourishing and optimizing their value was ever taken by Indiblogger. I had never attended any Indiblogger event before, thus #BNLF was my first … Continue reading My #BNLF Experience!

The person behind my self-reliance

It is said that our family is our best support. We always want to live a life without worries and as an independent person. Sometimes, this emotion in us is developed by our experiences and perseverance, while sometimes, our family or some individual helps us attain this emotion and confidence. As for me, my mother has always been my pillar of confidence and self-reliance. She has … Continue reading The person behind my self-reliance

Got a better car with Quikr NXT

A few weeks back, I had gone for a long weekend vacation with my family to Mahabaleshwar. I must say, I had an awesome experience there, chilling around at different points and sharing a beautiful bond with nature. Well, it wouldn’t have been much easier and wonderful without my new car. If we would have taken a luxury bus or a train to commute to … Continue reading Got a better car with Quikr NXT