The person behind my self-reliance

It is said that our family is our best support. We always want to live a life without worries and as an independent person. Sometimes, this emotion in us is developed by our experiences and perseverance, while sometimes, our family or some individual helps us attain this emotion and confidence.

As for me, my mother has always been my pillar of confidence and self-reliance. She has always acted as my task master and has helped in nurturing and making my identity, a strong one. Since childhood, my mother always made sure that I don’t rely on her for petty tasks. She would make me do my homework on my own. She even wanted me to do the school competition stuffs on my own. If I would ask her to help me, she would always ask me in return what I felt about the topic and what ideas I could generate for the same and then, she would correct or rectify me when I went wrong or shifted my thoughts from the topic.

There were times when I started learning subjects on my own and doing mock tests on my own and only went to her to correct the test and tell me how my progress was. It was because of her attitude towards making me self-sufficient, that I never took tuition classes during my entire schooling years. Also, during school essay competitions, I was able to write on any topic suggested on the spot, as she made me generate ideas and work on them, already. During my leisure time, she would make me do some writing or reading, which only improved my memory and command over languages, speech and vocabulary.

Since childhood, my mother has made me help her to do the household chores. Every weekend, I used to dust the house with my younger brother and buy some grocery for the house. Hence, I was aware of the prices of vegetables and fruits since a very young age. When I went to high school, I started learning cooking and it was my duty, every weekend, to cook some dishes for the family. She taught me to fry fish, cook varieties of chicken and mutton dishes. I was really a very weak person in cooking, but she worked hard on me and hence, I developed my interests in cooking and also excelled in it.

Apart from giving me the knowledge of cleaning the house, cooking, doing household chores, writing on any topic on my own and speaking in different languages fluently, she also taught me life and its difficult phases. She imbibed confidence and zeal in me. She taught me to be fearless of any situation and to always remember during my worst times, that the best days of my life are yet to come. She taught me to be beautiful, not only on the outside, but also from inside. She taught me to be compassionate towards the poor, orphans and the old. She made me realize the fact that life is not meant to live and serve our purpose, but it is to be lived for others. I only grew much better and self-reliant in her presence.

Today, I can live on my own terms and only act towards making this world a better place, only through the efforts of my mother who made me and my brother, a better human and a responsible world citizen.

I thank her for every virtue and quality, she has worked towards to inculcate in me and my family. I really love and respect her for everything.

Watch the below video to know more about how a person can help in making us a better and self-reliant person.

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