Bedtime rituals of a toddler

Dear husband,

How are you? And how is your work going on? And do you manage to do the house work there? I hope you are doing fine and everything else is going fine too! We miss you a lot and I know you miss us too. It has been almost 6 months since you started working in the US and when you left India, Abdullah was merely an infant of 4 months. Whenever you called me, Abdullah was mostly sleeping and hence you missed hearing his voice and babbling. So, I thought of writing you this mail and share with you about his bedtime rituals and how I make sure that he gets enough sleep to be healthy.

You remember how active and energetic, he was when you were here? And how he used to not sleep the entire night, wanting to play with us and make us restless and sleepless in a way because of it? This way, he was mostly a naughty baby and a careless one because he neglected his sleep and so he was mostly cranky and unstable. He started walking when he was 9 months old. Now, he runs and sometimes stumbles and so I have to take care of him. Then, after your departure, I met the doctor to consult about his well-being. I wanted to ensure that he gets ample amount of sleep and rest, so he is healthy and active during the day and doesn’t become irritable when he has to have food.

After her consultation and my proper execution of it, Abdullah is growing healthy and active now. I feel great about it. I feel bad sometimes because you miss his playfulness and happiness. No worries dear. I am going to share them here. I have made him accustomed to his bedtime and sleep since months. He is very fond of Disney cartoons. He is just a year and some months old, but he likes watching those Disney cartoon series on the television. He likes Tom and Jerry which telecasts at 9 at night. Jerry is his favorite and I can make it out because he laughs when Tom is teased by Jerry. I feed him rice and dal at night during the show. And you know, he is smart enough to know that bedtime is almost near after his dinner and Tom and Jerry.

He becomes very playful after that. When the show ends and when he is done with food, he wants to play. And I enjoy those moments with him because playing and fun will only make him jolly and bright. I don’t want him to get dull and boring. And I am glad he is not so. So, every night, we have something new to play. Sometimes, we play hide and seek, where he places his fingers on my eyes to indicate that it is time for me to shut it, so he could hide and then he hides mostly in the bedroom or the study room and then I seek him. And when I finally find him, which is just like within a minute, he shouts loudly and runs about in the house. Sometimes, he runs behind me to catch me or vice versa. I am glad he is not addicted to mobile games as most children now-a-days are.

After that, it is tub time. He likes to bath in hot water which makes him sleepy and prepares him for a good, sound sleep. He likes water and also plays with those small toys which I place in the bathtub. He enjoys splashing the water on me. He is just like Jerry, always frolicsome. Once he is done with the bath, I dress him for sleep. I make sure to use Pamper diapers, because they care for my child’s skin and doesn’t wet him till morning. It is super absorbent and prevents from giving him rashes due to wetness.

I keep the room’s lights dim, so he is in the mood to sleep. Tucking him in his bed, I pray in front of him by taking god’s name, making it a good and pious practice since childhood and then chat a little with him. He babbles then. I then lower my voice and sing a few lullabies for him until he sleeps. He looks like a little angel while sleeping. I really wish you would come here soon, so we could share this happiness together.

I hope you had fun and also smiled and laughed at Abdullah’s bedtime rituals. Hoping to hear soon from you. Loads of love from Abdullah and me. We love and miss you! Take care.

Your wife

Do you have any such lovely bedtime rituals of your toddlers? If so, share them.

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This post is written for Pampers in association with Indi Happy Hours.

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