My wishlist!

Life is a mixture of so many goals and aspirations. We own many aims in our lives and we do our best to achieve them. Sometimes, we achieve those goals and get success, while sometimes, we have to settle down with disappointments and taste failure. Isn’t this life? It really isn’t easy to achieve success in goals as we may be surrounded with so many constraints and restrictions. Our main task is to overcome the restrictions and then try to get our wishes and dreams fulfilled. And hence, most of our dreams, aspirations, wishes remain hidden and buried within our hearts as we know, we don’t own the capacity to achieve them.

But what if, what if we get a life without any constraints, without any restrictions to overcome and live it freely and completely? Wouldn’t many of our dreams and goals find the light of the day and become complete? Wouldn’t our face be only covered with bliss and a million smiles?

If I get a chance to live freely and fulfil 5 wishes from my wishlist, the first among them would be to learn a new language. After school, I have always had issues in learning a new language. I wanted to learn Arabic language as I find it beautiful and feel that it will make me closer to my lord. My dad got me Arabic language learner books so that I could learn a good deal of it, but, I managed to study it only sometimes, as I had other commitments too. I really want to master that language and become a professional in reading, reciting and writing it, but never got a chance to do so. So, if I get this chance, I would want to learn Arabic language.

My second wish would be to study and pursue English Literature. I always have this special interest in English language and always wanted to learn advancement in English Language. But my studies and work and then later blogging didn’t gave me the chance to give time to pursue a full time course and so if I get this chance to live freely and an ample amount of time, I would definitely study English Literature and later teach it.

If I get a chance to live without restrictions, my third wish would be to work for the less fortunate. Life is beautiful for many, but despair and sadness for many as well. If we can share our happiness with others, it doesn’t get less but only increases. So, If I get this chance to light a lamp of mirth in the lives of those with gloom, I would definitely share love, happiness and care with them. I have always thought of spending my time and money behind old age homes, orphanages or non-profit organizations. But, due to my work schedule, I get very less time to actually put that into practice. But, only if I get that extra time, I would like to devote it to the less fortunate and give them love, talk to them and also spend behind them, so they can have a better life.

My fourth wish would be to travel to Europe. I love the architecture and places over there. I love the aura and calm beauty of Europe and have always planned to visit it sometime in my life. But, I am restricted by time, money and relatives as they don’t allow me to travel alone. So, if I get this chance to live my life on my terms, I would definitely wish to travel the entire Europe and roam around for days there, to discover the tranquil it has stored within itself, without any constraints or rules to follow.

My last wish, Ah! Just that much? Well, my last wish would be to buy every happiness for my parents. I love them and thank them for everything they have given me. I am grateful that I tried to get them happiness and made them proud at times, but I always want to see them smiling. I don’t think, I get ample time to spend with them or get them things which please them and make them happy. But, if I get a chance, I would definitely wish to fulfil their every wish and make them happy and proud. I would also like to spend some time with them, make food for them, travel with them and buy things for them, so they are happy and delighted.

Well, these are few of my wishes I would like to see come true, if I get a chance to live #BefikarUmarBhar. What are yours?

Watch the below video to know more about #BefikarUmarBhar

This post is written for the BefikarUmarBhar Campaign in association with Indi Happy Hours.

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