A smile that stops time!

I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur ~~~~~ A smile that stops time! A newborn- naive, bundle of joy sublime beauty and a timeless smile, with its invisible angelic wings cast an aura of mirth and content within the house. Their unnamed and blissful smiles- pure, pristine and immaculate emancipates a glowing radiance on their mother’s face, reflecting a precious … Continue reading A smile that stops time!

The tears in her eyes

The tears in her eyes A piercing silence tears the tranquil of life and shatters mute souls,as an innocent gets killed for temporary amusement. She lays lifeless down, her blood flows incessantly. She’s mourning as tears flow from her eyes; as if they ask the reason for her fault. Her kids rub their nose against her; surrounding her, whispering their cries. Afraid and unaware of … Continue reading The tears in her eyes

Seasonal Love

Seasonal Love Its not that I don’t like seasons but, I hate the way they change their course reminding me of you and your love. I still remember how you came into my life just like the season of spring melting the dryness of my life. I reminisce about how like two lovely butterflies we spread the beauty of our love on every flower of … Continue reading Seasonal Love

Red paper roses

The Prompt for the month of February organized by Writers’ Ezine is Red roses which would inspire anyone to write a love story or something which holds the meaning of love for them. Not following the usual notion behind the roses, I dedicate this prompt and my poem- Red paper roses to all those aged people in our lives who at this stage only thirst for love. … Continue reading Red paper roses

The Purple Sponge

Greetings! It is April and the month of Poetry. April is observed as the National Month of Poetry, also called as NaPoMo. I was keen on dedicating this month to Poetry and write a Poem every day, to celebrate the richness of this art form. I’ve always loved to express myself and Poetry was the best medium for me. I have known that DP(Daily Post) conducts … Continue reading The Purple Sponge

DP Challenge – Snapshots #3

Its Day 3 of DP Weekly Challenge – Snapshots and to be frank, this activity is indeed a good one! It makes one ponder upon a special moment with more love and gives one a chance to relive it with words. Good Times [Senryu] Hearts brimmed with mirth and faces masked with chirpy smiles a happy moment. ~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/weekly-writing-challenge-snapshots/ Continue reading DP Challenge – Snapshots #3

DP Challenge – Snapshots #2

For post #2 of writing the DP challenge, I feel writing a haiku is one of the best poetry forms to describe an event or a scene. I am always so fond of Haiku and the beauty behind writing it, despite its short length, it is one of the most critical form to write, for, every word, in fact, every syllable must count, as long … Continue reading DP Challenge – Snapshots #2