A smile that stops time!

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A smile that stops time!

A newborn- naive, bundle of joy
sublime beauty and a timeless smile,
with its invisible angelic wings
cast an aura of mirth and content
within the house.

Their unnamed and blissful smiles-
pure, pristine and immaculate
emancipates a glowing radiance
on their mother’s face,
reflecting a precious bond.

A feather of delicacy, enveloped with
fragile and soft skin; tender bones-
the newborn, is cradled in arms of
care and adoration by their mother,
for whom they are their first love.

The infancy phase is the most magnificent
journey for a mom and her child,
as it is filled with moments of firsts-
first babbles, first steps, first walks, first words
and the first expressions of a flawless love.

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Those delightful moments, when a baby
learns to walk for the first time-
weak steps, filled with subtle shakes of smiles and nervousness
exudes an infinite joy of elation
for the mother.

To preserve their gentle elegance, nurture
their body and nourish them with affection and endearment,
to safeguard their untouched innocence and twinkle
forever, the baby needs the warmth of a massage
by natural oils, which are as pure as the baby’s grace.

But, commercial products and processed commodities
contain paraffins and parabens,
which can harm and destroy the innocence of
a baby’s skin and body, and kill its warm smiles
making the baby, lose their charm and grandeur.

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Click on the Image for a Better View!

So, what could be done to shield
the cuteness of a baby and see them grow seamlessly, forever?

Natural oils, like, Olive Oil, Almond Oil,
to name a few, possesses
purity, like that of a baby and they can serve as their best ally
in securing their innocence, while still fostering
and promoting the baby’s growth, so it progresses attractively.

A massage using these natural oils on a baby
encourages a proper growth of their bones and muscles
relaxes them, improves their sleep, digestion and bowel movements,
immune system, and develops their
body awareness and motor skills, important for movement.

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A massage isn’t just an act of care, but an act of love
which creates a unique bond between the mother and child.
When the mother connects with the child, with her eyes and voice,
during the massage, it develops a communication pattern
and helps build an eternal touch between the baby and the mother.

So what are the benefits of natural oils-
Olive & Almond?
Can we have a deeper look and know
how can they affect the baby for good
and develop them well?

Benefits Of Natural Oils for a Baby’s Skin & Muscle Development

Olive Oil

Almond Oil

  • packed with important nutrients essential for a baby’s growth & development
  • mothers consuming moderate quantities of olive oil during their pregnancy period are more likely to have kids with better motor reflexes, height, weight and other physical qualities
  • Consumption of olive oil during breastfeeding helps in maintaining a supply of essential nutrients to the baby
  • naturally rich in vitamin E & D, which keeps the skin healthy and supple
  • can be used during both winter & summer
  • very gentle, pure and moisturizing to suit baby’s gentle skin
  • reduces itching and inflammation on the baby’s skin
  • has anti-dandruff properties helps to get rid of dandruff & cradle cap

Indeed, these natural oils
can make the baby more jovial and lively
and pose an advantage for their infancy.
Indeed, can they cultivate and protect the newborn,
while still perpetuating their euphoric smile- the heart of a mom’s content.



My Elder sister has a cuddling and cute baby boy. But since she stays in Australia, the chances of getting a professional infant massage lady is less. We were in intense search
of a commercial product which caters to our need of a perfect and nourished massage to the infant, without harming him with any harsh ingredients. And then, we stumbled
on “Dabur Baby Massage Oil”, which is enriched with premium natural oils- Olive and Almond, and doesn’t encourage the use of paraffins, parabens or any form
of artificial colors, thus nourishing the tiny love’s optimum growth and still retaining his timeless smile.



Blogger Note: The Images used in this post are creations of the blogger herself and are images of her childhood and her nephew’s. The tabular data and the image poem is created by the writer herself.

Sources: Image Quote 1, Image Quote 2, Olive Oil Facts. Almond Oil Facts

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