Honey Diet- my sweeter alternative to being healthy :)

It is said that Health is wealth and I definitely believe in this notion. If we maintain our health, we can achieve anything and it also helps in attaining a balance between our mind and soul. An irregular diet is something which kills our body’s balance and makes us irritable and fussy. I have a slim body frame, but our body frames don’t demand a better diet, our health does. So, I never follow a strict diet regime, and crash diet is something, I completely refrain for achieving a better health.

One thing I have learned is that a healthy life requires a balanced diet and continuous exercise, every day, so that we can eliminate excess body fats. I keep reading about articles and tips to maintaining a balance in our diet and lifestyle, and through thorough research and studies, I compiled a list of benefits of eating healthy.

  1. We can be more productive: Just like how our car needs fuel to run efficiently, our brain too, needs quality fuel to function properly. It is found that eating unhealthy food makes us 66% less productive. When we eat healthy, our brain functions with efficiency and hence, our productivity get better.
  2. A Happy Being: Our diet impacts our brain and way of thinking. Research says that bananas and chocolates contain elements which are anti-depressants and works in reducing our stress and uplifting our mood.
  3. Stress Less: Certain foods have the ability to control the level of stress hormones in our body. Research says that foods containing Vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium helps in reducing stress levels. It is also said that having a protein rich diet, including fish and dairy, help in replenishing protein levels in our body.
  4. Weight Control: Replacing soda with water, chips with carrots and fries with salads can not only help us in losing weight, but also in saving money.
  5. Graceful Aging: It is anytime best to improve our skin’s health with nutritious food, than to waste money behind Botox procedures or  anti-aging creams. Vegetables and fruits have high levels of anti-oxidants and helps in replenishing our skin.
  6. Healthier In, Healthier Out!: We are aware of the effects of unhealthy food on our body and health. Unhealthy foods harms us in the form of chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Eating healthy and nutritious food can help us in staying healthy and developing a better immune system.
  7. Live longer life: Eating healthy has an advantage where it protects us from diseases and indirectly, helps in improving our life expectancy. Regular exercise and a balanced diet help in increasing our life expectancy by many folds.
  8. Save Money: One who follows a balanced and healthy diet, avoids spending money on medical bills or unhealthy junk food and indirectly, saves money.

A balanced and healthy diet has its own set of benefits indeed, but many people resort to crash diet, which is a wrong option, anytime. I would suggest anyone and everyone to eat healthy and exercise regularly, but switching to crash diets with the notion of getting healthy is dangerous and in fact, unhealthy, for our body!

Let me state a few reasons why a crash diet makes us do nutritional comprises to our diet.

  • Less Flexibility towards nutritious foods: Crash diets usually have a strict regime to follow, like the lemonade diet, the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, to name a few, where we have to strictly consume only certain foods to achieve a better frame. But unfortunately, it refuses us to be flexible towards other nutritious foods and impacts us negatively. This way, we miss out on the nutrition from other foods and it may also lead to nutritional deficiency within us.
  • Less Calorie Consumption: Ideally, our body is designed to consume a certain amount of calories every day. But crash diets do not follow that idea. It makes us consume lesser than we should actually eat and this way, our calorie consumption becomes less and our body- unhealthy.
  • Disorder-Prone: Crash diets followed for a long time, can make us nutrition deficient and lead to calcium deficiency, brain damage, liver or kidney failure, heart attack or stroke. It can also cause serious eating problems and various disorders like anorexia, or bulimia.

Recently, I stumbled upon a better alternative to eating healthy, called the Dabur Honey Diet. I looked into its diet plans and found it to be very useful and effective. The System inputs our basic details like weight, height, exercise patterns and BMI, and thereupon, defines a diet plan to follow, which may help us in eating healthy and staying healthy. It also provides details on calorie consumption from various foods. It also provides Fitness Tips, Diet Planner, Health tools, information on the benefits of honey and a way to consult a Dietician. I found it to be useful and effective, indeed.


Why not you give a try?



Photo Courtesy: DaburHoney.com

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