Surf it Fast with UC-Cricket!

It is said that in this journey called life, we can’t have everything at the same time. Life is a big morsel, with tiny bites of it, to be taken, at a time. In order to enjoy or experience a thing, we have to let go the other. Such is the truth of life!

One such instance in life is when we have college assignments to complete or hang out with friends or visit some relative or may be, prepare for exams, and at the same time, we have a cricket match to attend. Cricket is one such sport which has gained its importance and space in India in the last few decades. I wasn’t much a fan of it, but then T20 came and I gave in.

It is exciting to cheer for an Indian team and also to watch those amazing moments of cheer, victory and fun. But, usually, my favorite T20 matches take place in Summer and it is the time, when we usually have the semester exams or have our vacations. This would signal that we have to sacrifice one enjoyment from our life to experience the other. And that part is indeed annoying!

But, with the advent of the Internet, to some extent, we are able to catch up with the lost fun and surf every moment of life, at the same time. But mobile internet browsers do little good to the fun. Sometimes, due to low internet connectivity, the game gets buffered for a long time and these disturbances, spoil the entire pleasure and joy of cricket entertainment.

Recently, I came to know about UC Browser, which provides faster and better internet connectivity, is easier to use and provides seamless transitions.

Some of the best features of UC Browser are-

  • Background Download: A great feature for those who love to download. One can keep downloading files in the background, even after exiting UC Browser. In fact, the download process will resume in cases of interruption by disconnection.
  • Wi-Fi Sharing: One can share downloaded files over Wi-Fi.
  • UDisk: For people with low internal storage disks, UC browser comes with a cloud storage called UDisk, which allows users to store their date on UC cloud, using the UC account.
  • Optimized pre-loading: This feature gives us a smoother reading of paged content where the next  pages are already pre-loaded. This enables a seamless user readability experience.
  • Themes and customizations: This feature allows us to change the themes and skins of the UC interface from the UC Theme Center and it also comes with a UC lock Screen Wallpapers.

And that’s not all! UC Browser has come up with a new addition to its service, called the UC Cricket feature in UC Browser for Android. It can be considered as an all-in-one cricket application for Cricket Fans like me!

Features of UC Cricket

  • Live Updates
  • Cricket Match Results
  • Upcoming Match Option along with Chat option for fans
  • A real-time notification feature which runs in the background and intimates the user about latest scores
  • Cricket fans can also interact with one another in the comment section of each game

So, now I know, how I can stay connected with cricket, without missing out on the other things in life. I just need a small addition to my life- The UC Browser, with which I can surf it all and surf it fast, indeed!


Want to know more about UC Browser for Cricket? Watch this below video 🙂


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