Natural Love

A newborn baby is indeed an expression and emotion of first love for the mother. A small and tiny gift of love, which is bestowed by the nature of God and how it rests in an abode of care and warmth by the mother, the entire feeling and emotion is indeed inexpressible and wordless.

For a lady, her baby is the most priceless asset and a life of her creation. Her best feeling would be to see her creation and her love, grow beautifully and perfectly. Her greatest concern will be to make sure that the baby doesn’t comes in contact with any harmful thing, which may affect them.

In order for a baby to grow well and foster properly, infants are subjected to baby oil massages in their infancy phase, as it helps them in growing and nurturing their body and skin. Baby oil massages are a tool of development for the infants as they help in developing the baby’s bones, muscles, and skin.

Most people tend to massage babies with commercially available products, but they consist of harmful ingredients, like, paraffin and parabens, which affect the baby negatively and are harmful. So, what could be a better alternative?

Traditionally, professional baby massage ladies, use natural oils for applying on the babies and since, they are directly used, they don’t contain harmful components to do any harm to the child.

Some of the best natural oils used for baby massage are—

Sunflower Oil is commonly used as an edible oil and is safe for the skin. It contains Vitamin E and fatty acids which help in nourishing the baby’s skin.

Chamomile Oil is an essential oil, which is recommended for newborns, as it is good for sensitive skin. It can be used for baby skin rashes and breakouts. It is essentially beneficial for babies when wanting to put them to sleep.

Tea Tree Oil is hugely recommended by doctors, as apart from being natural, it has high antiseptic qualities and can be used on babies.

Coconut Oil is the most commonly used oils for babies’ massage as it can be used in any season and due to its lightness on infants, it gets absorbed quickly and is naturally moisturizing.

Olive Oil is one of the best oils for babies and aids in better development of muscles and bones.

Almond Oil is another essential oil for babies, as it contains Vitamin E, which is good for skin.

Recently, Dabur has come up with a baby massage oil product, called the Dabur Baby Massage Oil enriched with Olive and Almond Oil, and is free from any artificial products or parafins or parabens, thus helping in proper growth of the newborn and curbing any chances of harm to them.


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