How to Choose an Ideal Bra Like an Expert? Read This Article Now!

Of all the shopping we women do, the most tedious and unsatisfying is selecting the perfect bra. It takes a lot of math to boil down to finding the ultimate size for yourself with an evolving body shape and the hormones that come into play. You may like a bra, its design, and feel that it is made for you, but when you try it out, it only disappoints you as it may turn out to be a mismatch. It happens pretty often. For years, this has been the scenario for women. 

Wearing the wrong size can pose many health issues, such as incorrect posture, improper circulation of blood in that area, discomfort, and so much more. But with a lot of new techniques and calculations, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you find your right size bra!


Tips for Choosing an Ideal Bra Like an Expert?

Use a Bra Size Calculator

Yes, a bra size guide helps you find your perfect or ideal bra size like an expert. But, for that, you must measure a few things using a measuring tape. 

  • Measure your band size: Calculate your underbust size in cms, and if it is a decimal value, round it up to the nearest whole number. 
  • Measure your cup size: Calculate the size of your overbust or the fullest part of the bust in cms; if it is a decimal value, round it up to the nearest whole number.
  • Use the Bra Size Calculator Zivame: Zivame Fitcode helps you find your ideal bra size by simply inserting the values of your band size and bra size. It is a hassle-free approach and makes your life so much easier.

Our Band Is of Utmost Importance

Yes! Even before the bra cups, the band that envelops your body has a lot of value when it comes to finding your ideal fit. You may be under the impression that the bra cup is what you need to focus on or the strap that will hold your breasts in place. However, the band of the bra needs to fit you well. It is the one that offers you the most support, and therefore, a bra band that snugs to your skin is what you should be looking for. The band shouldn’t be too fit or too loose. It should allow your one finger to pass through when stretched. 

Another thing that you must consider is that the band must align horizontally to your shoulders. It shouldn’t droop or curve inwards, as this may indicate that your bra is either a bit bigger or smaller than your suitable size. 

Different Bra Styles and Materials Have Different Goals.

Your bra wardrobe needs to have all kinds of bra styles, but you must know that different bra styles have varied purposes. E.g A sports bra or T-shirt bra is ideal for wearing under a T-shirt for a sports activity. However, it won’t be the right choice for a date or a festive occasion.

Likewise, a polyester bra will be a good option for swimming or outdoor activities, whereas it will be a lousy option for summer weddings or heavy dresses. On the other hand, a cotton bra will be suitable for occasions but a wrong choice for outdoor activities. 

Hence, choosing the right material and style for the required activity is essential to make your journey smooth and seamless.

There are many more factors that you must consider to become an expert, but these are the basics to lead you ahead. I hope that my article has been informative and insightful. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.


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