Keep Using These 5 Essentials During the Upcoming 3rd Wave of Covid in India

Our health is the most essential asset of all. We can affirm this fact more in the wake of the pandemic. Our skin is the largest organ of our body that protects our body. We can’t agree more with the fact that the pandemic brought forth the need to keep ourselves more sanitised and hygienic. With hoardings that campaigned about maintaining hygiene and most of its talk revolving around “Wash your hands”, we became well aware of the basics to protect ourselves during the pandemic. At one point or the other, we were hell-bent on our sanitary infatuation towards hand wash and hand soaps during the initial phases of the pandemic. Though we have normalised this habit, there are a lot of consequences to the basic routine of washing your hands.

Hand wash and hand soaps became the heroes of the hygienic era but they came along with a host of skin issues. One common problem was skin drying, flaking, irritation, skin rashes, to name a few. All of us might have encountered at least one from the above, at one point or the other during this pandemic era, isn’t it? But the good news is that this industry understands this issue and has come up with an instant yet long-lasting solution to skin problems, owing to the increased use of hand wash in our daily routine. 

We are aware of the upcoming third Covid wave that is soon to flood our lives. To prevent it from touching our lives, we need to stay at home, wear our masks, vaccinate ourselves, and well, most importantly, wash our hands. I have curated the list of top 5 picks in the best hand wash available online that you must try. Check them out below.

Top 5 Handwashes To Keep Using During the Upcoming 3rd Wave of Covid in India

1. Dettol Unisex Original Everyday Protection Liquid Hand Wash

We can’t start our list without Dettol, can we? It is one of the most trusted brands for decades and the way they adapt to evolving changes in society is commendable. 

Why Dettol?

  • caters to both men and women
  • specially formulated to protect us from a wide range of unseen germs
  • enriched with the goodness of plant-derived cleansers
  • made using naturally derived agents for smooth and supple skin
  • soap-free and dermatologically tested

2. Bath & Body Works Eucalyptus Mint Gentle Gel Hand Soap

It is a 3-decades old brand from the US and has made a mark in India. What makes them special are that each new range by them is refreshing and a great ally for healthy skin.

Why Bath & Body Works?

  • made without dyes or parabens
  • made using soothing Aloe and Vitamin E for a smooth and gentle skin
  • best ingredients to protect your skin not only from germs but also dryness
  • you will be mesmerised by their collection

3. KAMA AYURVEDA Sustainable Unisex Rose & Jasmine Hand Cleanser

Kama Ayurveda is known for its notion of sustainability and how each of its product ranges is made using natural products. When we talk about natural ingredients, we know how less vulnerable our body is to germs and diseases. 


  • unisex
  • 99% natural and lightweight
  • hydrating and nourishing for your skin
  • kills germs effectively while softening your skin
  • sustainable ingredients used

4. The Moms Co. Natural Foaming Hand Wash

A new yet emerging brand known for skin and hair care, it is well known for how it uses sustainable and paraben-free products, which are great for skin as well as the pandemic.

Why Moms Co.?

  • made using Coconut-based cleansers, Calendula Oil, Apricot Oil, Aloe Vera extract, which is antibacterial, antiseptic, and ideal for nourishing soft skin.
  • coconut-based cleansers remove dirt or grime without drying out the skin
  • made using 100% natural ingredients that are paraben-free

5. Oriental Botanics Unisex Maroon Turmeric & Saffron Hand Wash

An ardent follower of Ayurveda, this brand blends the age-old ingredients with modern techniques to create products that are one in a million.

Why Oriental Botanics?

  • made with the goodness of herbal ingredients that are known for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • these ingredients do wonders to our skin by naturally nourishing and hydrating our skin
  • enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamins C, and E, for soothing skin

I hope you found this list informative and helpful, as much as it was for me. I have curated this list after intense research that is backed by facts. Do try them out and let me know your experience or reviews in the comment section. 


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