Preparing For Your 12th Exams? Don’t Miss Out On These Topics!

Class 12 examinations are very stressful in the career of a student. The moment dates for the examinations are declared, an untold fear grasps the students. Subjects and chapters like Differential equations in maths, Organic chemistry in chemistry, Final accounts in accounting, and so on are the main ghosts that haunt a student. 

So how should one prepare? First and foremost, don’t try to copy the preparation methods of a brighter student. Know your capability, and do not waste your time working on another student’s preparation method. Secondly, keep in mind the following few points while prepping up for the exam. 

Keep Challenging Yourself To Do Better

Always remember that you are your biggest contender. Try to do better than the last time. Take challenges in the form of exams. Play a game between your past and present self. Keep defeating your previous self, and your present should be better than your past. Say the last time you were able to solve three differential questions; this time, try to solve five questions of the same. Your target should always be to do better than you have ever done before.

Stick With Your Syllabus Book

Immersing oneself in a plethora of reference book is just a fool’s play. Don’t ignore the main syllabus book while studying from the reference books. You will notice that students who pass with flying colors often stick to syllabus books only as they understand the true significance of the same. So, instead of trying to solve differential equations from 2-3 different reference books, try sticking to the main one.

Try To Work More On Your Weaker Areas

What are your weak points, and how can you improve them? Keep asking yourself this question while preparing for your boards. Identify your weak areas and start working on them so that they don’t affect your overall percentage. Don’t shy away from your vulnerable subjects. For most students, mathematics is one subject that terrifies the life out of them. Chapters like integration, differential equations, probability are some that students generally try to avoid. Work on them and try to better your grasp on them. 

Solving Past Year’s Papers

There is no other more excellent asset for a student than old question papers. It has been seen that students who have practiced question papers of previous years do much better onboard exams when compared to students who haven’t done the same. Practicing an old mathematics paper will give you a better understanding of the type and pattern of questions- how many questions of differential equations on average are there in the question paper. 

The Bottom Line

The points mentioned above are some of the most important ones that a student should focus on. Stick to your routine, and you’ll do wonders! And as a bonus tip, it is best to avoid some of the most popular distractions mainly- no Facebook, no Instagram, no parties. We promise; it always helps for students. 

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