Berger Express Painting Bloggers Meet, Mumbai

Your house is your canvas, your home is your art. Isn’t it? Our home is something which is close to our heart. It is our reflection and a place in the world where we are the most comfortable. Every wall of our house has hidden with it a plethora of memories and laughter, and hence, painting it with the right color and shade only enhances … Continue reading Berger Express Painting Bloggers Meet, Mumbai

Tips on picking the right handbag for different occasions

“Happiness is…. a new handbag” Handbags can help you change the look, mood and message of basic garments, and update the look of you time-tested classic clothes. Handbags have the power to upgrade less quality clothing, or downgrade even the finest of clothes and your entire appearance. When you want and need visual variety, handbags add the needed interest and individuality to an outfit and … Continue reading Tips on picking the right handbag for different occasions

My #BNLF Experience!

A blogger is incomplete without #BNLF And I mean it! There are a host of blogging communities out there, trying to give us bloggers an opportunity to rise and shine, but the first footsteps of giving an apt platform to bloggers for nourishing and optimizing their value was ever taken by Indiblogger. I had never attended any Indiblogger event before, thus #BNLF was my first … Continue reading My #BNLF Experience!

Celebrating an emotion, called ‘Blogging’

Celebrating an emotion, called Blogging                                     ~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh Celebration is an everyday thing because a journey is never accomplished unless we celebrate every moment of it. Blogging is more than just a word it is a lifestyle which empowered my passion. It did not happened instantly, … Continue reading Celebrating an emotion, called ‘Blogging’