My trust for Online Medical Consultation: Docstel

With the pandemic in consideration, health has become priority. I well remember the time when the lockdown begun, we were compelled to stay at home and people who were sick or had medical conditions found it difficult to consult doctors in person as there was limitation of the personnel.

We can’t deny the fact that no matter what conditions, medical conditions don’t wait for anybody and that was when online medical consultation came into picture and rose as a saviour for people with medical conditions.

But, online medical consultation was a new concept and there were thoughts whether it is reliable or not. My family only prefered Docstel which is an online medical consultation website where one can get consultation relating to any disease or ailment from the top doctors PAN India.

Why Docstel?

– easy to use and understand

– get consultation quickly from top doctors PAN India

– no queue or waiting/no need to follow any COVID measures. No fear of contracting COVID.

– hassle-free payment

How does it work?

Patient comes on the Docstel Website and search for a specialised doctor who suits their need.

Confirms the payment and submit the necessary reports

Docstel Medical Team contacts the patient with an appointment time

Patient can get the consultation with the Specialised Doctor at the appointed time.


I chose Docstel as it is easy to use, transparent, understandable and reliable. Have you used it yet?


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