Top 6 tips to find the best gym near you!

With health being the essential priority in current times, we are finding out ways to remain fit and healthy, isn’t it? One of the best ways to stay fit is to exercise, and the concluding answer to that is finding a proper gym for oneself. Now, there was a pre-pandemic time when people used to enroll themselves in gym classes in January due to their so-called new year resolution. There was so much energy and enthusiasm in the initial days that we would show our faces for a couple of weeks, and then once the enthusiasm died, we would barely maintain the membership till March or so, agreed?

Well, not just that, there are many reasons to back out of a good gym membership; it could be work or other priorities. But, the one thing that actually keeps us engaged to work out and keeps the membership ongoing is the “experience”. There are many gyms in Pune, but a good experience is what really matters and is also crucial in keeping us stick to our exercise regime. Don’t you agree?

So what are the ways in which we select the Best Gym in Pune for us, which is not only effective but also efficient in keeping our interest intact? 

Top 6 tips to find the best gym near you!

1. Walk the Distance

Well, the very first thing that really really matters is the distance of the gym from your location. If you are planning to enroll yourself in a good gym in Pune, make sure it falls within a nearby radius of your home so that it compels you to go there every day. If you find a really good gym at a distant location from you, check if there is a parking arrangement and canteen facility, if possible to match your interest.

2. Time

Who doesn’t agree that time is of crucial importance! Well, you need to find out a gym which caters to your time schedule and also offers flexible sessions, so that you don’t miss them. This further enables you to stay connected to them and builds loyalty and interest. 

3. Clean Machines

This is the most most important thing in current times. Gyms are basically germ factories as people exert and sweat a lot there. Also, a great number of people come to the gym on a daily basis, and we don’t know if they have maintained their basic hygiene. So, deeply sanitised machines and sanitised workout rooms are of utmost importance. Check out gyms in Pune that maintain a high level of hygiene and sanitation. Check if there are socially distanced sessions for a group or if you could get a personal trainer for yourself. 

4. Hygiene

Now that we talked about hygiene and sanitation, we need to check out gyms where the employees are vaccinated. A basic temperature and oxygen level check of every attendee must be done to ensure a hygienic workout place. This will also help you in doing your sessions with ease and comfort. It helps in keeping you assured that you can rely on them.

5. Membership Plans

You have found your ultimate gym in Pune, but now is the time to pay. Check what all are included in your membership plan. How does the offer benefit you? Also, ask for emergency cancellation options and how they go about it. Be ready to question and counter-question them here so that you are well aware of what goes and comes back to you in terms of money.

6. Culture

Very important. A Gym is one place where you meet various types of people and communicate with them. See the culture there, how your fellow gym-mates are, how the employees are with you. Are they friendly, and do they care about how you work out and what you learn every day? This builds up experience, and if you experience a healthy environment at the gym, it compels you to keep coming back, no matter what.

Well, these are some important points that you must consider before enrolling yourself at a gym. I hope you find them useful and informative. Do share your views in the comment section!


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