Words & Wisdom- Kindness!

The world is one beautiful place. Really. Each one of us have that one special quality which makes us beautiful, and in turn, this world a better place. But, sometimes, many other qualities in us overpower them and they stand hidden. But what if we all work towards a better society, a better self and help each other in achieving universal peace? Share your thoughts … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- Kindness!

‘Artists Are The Backbone Of Change’ by Richard Rensberry

Welcoming and presenting Mr. Richard Rensberry, author of several Children’s’ Books, who have authored today’s #100DeedsOfChange article and shares his experiences of how the passion to help our community can be achieved artistically, when our intentions are pure and for the good. Before we could read his contribution, let us know him better.   Richard Rensberry is the co-author of 4 children’s books: “It’s Black … Continue reading ‘Artists Are The Backbone Of Change’ by Richard Rensberry