10 Historical Photos Worth a 1000 Words!

Today’s Stumble are some rare photos belonging to 1900s and before! I was amazed to see how those are still preserved and brings back some historical moments for sure! Have a look 🙂   Original Source: http://www.exposingtruth.com/ Watch more on http://www.exposingtruth.com/60-historical-photos-worth-thousand-words/ Continue reading 10 Historical Photos Worth a 1000 Words!

Beautiful snowflakes!

I recently stumbled upon this post, where a photographer Photographer Alexey Kljatov takes incredible close-up photos of snowflakes in his backyard in Moscow. “I capture snowflakes on the open balcony of my house, mostly on glass surface, lighted by an LED flashlight from the opposite side of the glass, and sometimes in natural light, using dark woolen fabrics as background.” –  Alexey Kljatov His photography … Continue reading Beautiful snowflakes!

Sharing Links

Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara has been documenting the life of her grandmother, Misao, for 13 years now. She started photographing the series as a means of celebrating and capturing the life of a woman who inspired her. 8 years ago Misao took in a stray cat with different coloured eyes and called him Fukumaru. Friendship between the two blossomed and they are now inseparable, sharing … Continue reading Sharing Links