Caged Thoughts

My hand feels the war
raging between my thoughts and pen.
A few words diameter my thoughts
while the pen inks out a blot.
The words turn captive
and the thoughts- silent;
as the pen rules a blank paper.

Yet the words never plan to surrender
just like the former imprisoned India,
and get buried under the pride of the pen;
which boasts to have carved sapphire stories;
yet forgets a vintage truth-
the wisdom of a pen is spined by an array of radiant words.

And the words determine
to spread across the confines of the page
liberalizing every dime essence and worth they hold.
The mind hence unbottles the wrinkled thoughts
which forces the pen to scribble on the untouched canvas…….
And a revolution dawns.

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

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