Today I choose to smile

Long after we put things behind
You were in my dreams tonight
Startling encounter, but you hastily declined
Tarnishing my smile, enlivened on your sight

I thought I let you go, with nothing left
No, you still reside somewhere in heart
Even so, bond is steadily on the wane
Memories slowly fading, drifting us apart

But no, you are not forgotten
And never will be
It’s just that I overlooked my tears
And freed my soul to me

I know, you care less of days long-gone
I’ve seen you have moved on well
I was late to realize the truth
So very late, but will no longer dwell

Day is yet to come
I know we are destined to meet
Someday, somewhere, may be again
And awkward moment with upsetting greet

When the day comes, I’m hopeful
You will smile gently on your way
And amaze my adolescent daughter
Who will be shared of poignant love that lay

So I’m to decide to live for present
And, this took me quite a while
Goodbye, my very first love
Today, I choose to smile..


~~~ Pratikshya Joshi


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