Picture Writing Challenge #15

The tranquil within the ambiance I am now seems untouched and soothing. It unclogs my mind from the petty worries I have lived all the while. The sun is embracing sleep and slowly covers its yellow warmth with its winged-rays which seems to fade from the sight slowly, painting the sky with a subtle blush of orange. The tired clouds stride slowly across the sky and my soul feels relaxed with the echoing of the cool breeze against my ears and skin, thus making me engrossed in sheer peace which resides within the nature. I am sitting at the shore and my feet could feel the warmth of the coarse sand which gets periodically wet by the cool water of the silent sea. At this point, I feel the serenity in the place I am provided me utter support and guidance in distress with its calm, unspoken silence.

One thought on “Picture Writing Challenge #15

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