From Amreen’s Desk

The incomplete lullaby…



It is late evening-
the sun has embraced dreams
in the cradle of sleep
and a full moon shines
in the deep black sky.

Little Adi returns home
after playing in the fields
and sits under the banyan tree
in his courtyard.
A bright ray of light falls on his face.

He gazes to see
the glowing shimmer of the moon.
Happiness fills his face with a smile
and hope brims his heart
as he thinks of his unfulfilled wish.

And he initiates a conversation.

“O Moon, round and white!
you seem so bright tonight.
I have noticed you ruled the night in variant phases
and to see you complete today
shows your happiness.

I know you were upset for days
that you hid your beauty and grace
behind the curtain of clouds
and not lighten up my little hut since.
But now, you seem to have forgiven me.

So now that we are friends,
Could I ask you for a small help.
But please don’t get angry
if it doesn’t go for you.
Its just a wish you see.

My dad is a poor mason working in the city
who leaves for work early in the morning
and returns home late at night.
Sadly, I’m not awake to see him come and go.

He uses the village road-
filled with pits and made of uneven stones,
also dangerous insects dwell there,
so it gets late for him to travel back home.

Moon, O Moon, you are so great!
Could you dim your brightness from over my hut
and shine deeply bright at the village road?
Its fine if your light doesn’t reach my little house
but let my father come home early tonight.

Then I could meet him and share with him
about my school and my friends,
a lot which I missed to say
since days,
hug him and say ‘Daddy’ with love.

Moon my friend, fade soon today.
For then I won’t be sad that you are angry on me,
rather it would signal you
protecting my father
and fulfilling my promise.”

Adi ends his one-way conversation
with the silent Moon
and covers his eyes
but peeps through the gaps in his fingers
towards the Moon.

He then walks toward his hut
and reaching at the door
looks back at the sky
to stare at the round Moon
and winks at it before entering home.


~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

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