Poet of the Week – Khalid Darwish


I am very elated to share a poem by my pen friend Khalid Darwish, who is also the Poet of the Week. He is a great Formed Poetry writer and his writing reflects wisdom, life and sensibility. We have also done a collaboration poem together, but for now, a beautiful and thoughtful poem “Silence” by him—


Gives you the power to think deeply 
in whatever happening around you
and focus your answer with rationalization

Makes you control who’s in front of you 
through looks loaded with non-spoken meanings 
which make them perplexed in their interpretation

When accompanied with some movements and gestures 
forces who’s in front of you to disclose what they hide 
and say more than what they want

Generates a sense of extreme rage in other people 
because they consider it as a hidden attack, 
whereby you be the stronger without speaking or potential

Is the best solution to petty marital problems.

In difficult situations generates respect, 
unlike conflict and controversy
which generate antagonism and hatred

Destroys the weapons of those who you’re in scuffle with 
and strips them of the ability to continue speaking

Teach you good keep listening 
which is a lacking property in many others

~~~ Khalid Darwish

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