Poet of the Week – Pratikshya Joshi

Hi readers!

This week’s poet is “Pratikshya Joshi”! She is my good friend and writes amazing poem! Here is a poem by her which I am sharing. You’re amazing Prati!

Love still remains

It’s another evening
Beautiful with cool winter breeze
But is always the same sky
With stars resisting darkness of night

Night with troubled sleep
But is always the same dream
Of us, tangled in uncertainties
And confused heart overpowered by fears

Heart, determined to move on
But it’s the same heart
Which loved you beyond limitation
Admired without expectations

The same soul
Which cried on your pains
Celebrated your victory
And is still the same

And is always the same me
Who is not okay, but believes to have been
Who thinks to have let you go
With nothing left further in thoughts
But no, I still haven’t let you go
I still long for you, vulnerably
You are same in heart
Love still remains, just the same.

~~~ Pratikshya Joshi

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