PTWWW “Be Inspired” Badge

Hello Everyone! I am glad to announce that the PTWWW Challenge has got better now, as I have designed a new badge for the participants and with a new theme in mind.

Every Tuesdays, the PTWWW Be Inspired challenge will commence and the theme for writing will be the Poetic Form of the Week I share every Monday. Writers can think of what to write on the poetic form (just anything and any topic they want to), as long the poetic form is used! And, once done with writing your poem, post it as a comment into the comment box of the Challenge post or pingback in it (Whatever you wish), so I could read your amazing poem and comment on it!

Every participant who enters for 4 times consecutively will be awarded the PTWWW “Be Inspired Badge”!



This badge is just to honor your writing abilities!

I will be awarding the poets who are eligible for this badge with a post!

Thanks for your time! Have fun! Be creative! Be Inspired!

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

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