Congratulations Eleni :)

Guys! I am happy to announce that my fellow blogger, friend, and a constant writer of the “PTWWW Be Inspired Challenge” for 4 times has won the Be Inspired Badge for her sincere participation in the challenge and being a prolific writer! She has amazed me with her writing skills and the diverse thoughts she penned for the different themes of the challenge. I am really happy that you supported the challenge in a way and were amazing!

I wish to share links to what she wrote for the various challenges—


Eleni, I hope you continue your participation for the challenge in the future too and win the badge over and over again! I may be coming up with more different activities in the new year too, so keep watching!

And once again, Congrats Eleni for the Badge and showcase it on your blog as a token of a versatile and inspiring writer!

Other writers and fellow bloggers are encouraged to participate every tuesday for the challenge and keep the activity on the blog up and running! Your participation makes this blog an active one!

Eleni, you can save the badge online from the image below and attach in your widget through the image widget option.



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