PTWWW “Be Inspired” Challenge #8

Readers & Challenge takers!

PTWWW is back with the weekly challenge which starts on Tuesday! I am glad to see such participation in the challenge by my fellow bloggers and also crowned one of my fellow bloggers- Eleni the “Be Inspired” Badge for her constant participation.

Before I could begin to share this week’s theme (Usual players already know what it is! ;P), I need to applaud the previous challenge’s writers for their amazing and terrific Tanka and obviously their participation:)

Thank you guys!!

Ok, so now comes the theme for the challenge! As you all know, I share the poetic forms every Mondays and that poetic form becomes the theme for that week’s challenge! Yesterday, I shared “A Nonet” as the poetic form and the technique with which it is written. So, you all might already know what I expect. Yes, writers out there, need to write some real amazing poems, on any topic, provided it is a Nonet. It is real fun to see you guys explore the varied forms and beauty the word “Poetry” has to unravel!

The link to read about Nonet:

Well Ok! After you are done writing the Nonet, please comment it to this post (the link) or pingback it, so I could comment on it, and yes, if you’re a constant writer for this challenge, like for a month, you will be awarded the “Be Inspired” Badge of excellence to showcase on your badge. This shouldn’t stop you to stop writing but inspire you all to explore and experiment the various poetic forms. Good enough?

I am really excited to see what you all come up with! Please spread the word and let many writers come to this challenge to make this a more exciting Challenge and see what different topics people write on!

Cheers & Keep writing!

Be Inspired

~~~ Amreen Shaikh

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