A great end to this year – being nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Friends, Fellow Bloggers & Readers!

This December has not been as expected- cheerful, lovely and awesome, yet you see these sad moments were curbed by many features that my blog got across the blogosphere. I love December and this season is amazing, though I didn’t feel likewise, yet God has been fair with me and still given me back a blissful life this season. With 2 featured posts in 2 top poetry communities and a mention among varied creative blogs by a blog directory, I have been through good. Yes, and with the end of this season, the end of this year, I am still to receive the good that is in store for me.

A fellow blogger and friend Jord Baker, has awarded me with the “Dragon Loyalty Award” which is a combination of “The Versatile Blogger Award” & “The Inspiring Blog Award”. I am lucky to have both the awards and now a joint acclamation of them. This Award came to me out of blue and I am happy to accept it Jord. Thanks really for seeing my work and this blog a creative one and it feels good to know that my posts do make a difference in your lives.

What’s the best thing about these small images called Blog Awards is that they are a token of appreciation by your fellow bloggers and an acknowledgement from them to show that we are loved. Also, the best part of it is to award others and spread the happiness and I really feel this concept not only spreads love but appreciation and consideration of many bloggers across the globe.

Firstly, I would thank Jord for this award. And guys, you could really have a look at his blog by clicking here and drop in to say him a “Hi!” 🙂

Dragon loyalty Award

The Rules for this Award:

– Display the Award Certificate on your website
– Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award
– Present 10 or so awards to deserving bloggers.
– Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
– Post 7 interesting things about yourself. 

Seven Interesting Things About Me 

Well, 7 things about myself I could think of anyway.

  1. I am currently working on making this blog a more interactive one.
  2. I am learning to cook good food, just to please my mum.
  3. I have been awarded “Best Student Award” in the IT Section in my Final Year in University.
  4. I have my poems published in many Anthologies.
  5. I am currently working on my poetry ebook.
  6. I am always ready to help people in distress.
  7. I love my Family!

My Nominees:

– This time I wish to nominate fresh names on my blog list

Regards & Love,

Amreen Shaikh

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