Interviewed by The Authors’ Blog

Alhamdullillah, 2014 has started with some real good experiences for me. I really thank each and every one who is behind my success. Yesterday, I was been interviewed by “The Authors’ Blog” for my work in the field of Poetry. I feel so blessed to have received this golden opportunity and thank the TAB team for finding such talent in me to portray on their community blog. I wish them loads of luck in their endeavor and hope to achieve more love and support from all my fellow bloggers and friends in the years to come.

Amreen B. Shaikh

The Author's Blog

Hello Readers!

We hope you enjoyed our last treat. Don’t worry, we have some more in stock for you. And today we have a young and talented poetess who’s a fellow wordpress blogger. Let’s read the little Chit-Chat of Amreen with TAB’s team and get to know her better.

A little about Amreen.

Name : Amreen Bashir Shaikh
Age : 22 F
Location : Mumbai, India
Blog :

And here goes the Chit-Chat Session, Enjoy!

  • So Amreen, tell us something about yourself.
    When it comes to work, I am a Web Designer and a WordPress Network Admin at an Online Media Company in Mumbai. I am simple, hardworking and always believe in achieving goals I set for myself. Be it at work or poetry. I am an ardent lover of my Creator and I believe in making a difference for the society by my work.
  • What do you write?…

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