PTWWW “Be Inspired” Writing Challenge #12

Good Morning Friends, Fellow Bloggers & Readers!

The “Be Inspired” Challenge is in its 12th week and I have got some really good response for this challenge since past few weeks. Last week, the Challenge was to write a Triolet and I got an overwhelming 5 participants for the same. Not only that, guys they wrote some awesome poetry! I will encourage everyone to read their entries by clicking the below links:

Amazing Poems really!

Well, this week, I got a bit late to write this post as I got stuck in few prior commitments, but I can’t really let go a good form for my willing participants to write and hence, I thought to write it, though late, better than not writing at all!

So, this week’s challenge is to write a Found Poem. Where to get info on it? Well, you can read it easily from my Blog, better, I give you the link–

How to write a Found Poem

If you are still surprised by what this poetry form is, you can write any poem which is inspired by an image, quote, other poem or any article available to read, just anything. The thought is getting inspired you see!

Next, comment your poem post in the comment box of this post, so I could comment on your beautiful poem. You can submit the poem before next Tuesday, so you have ample time to write one Found Poem.

Also, writers and challengers, who write consistently for 4 weeks will be awarded the PTWWW “Be Inspired” Badge showcasing your best poetic ability. If you are already awarded one, don’t stop writing! You may keep earning it many times and help better your poetic skills!

Well, that is it! Now it’s your turn! Waiting to read your entries!

Be Inspired!


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