Congratulations J. Milburn

Hello Everyone!

This post is to congratulate J. Milburn for his constant participation in the “Be Inspired” Writing Challenge! Milburn is an amazing poet and has always written extra-ordinary poems for each of the challenge he participated in. His poetic skills are perfect and showcases mature writing style. I am always flattered by his poetic intelligence and his poems are indeed a delight to read. Well, I really thank Milburn for being a part of this challenge and putting your best efforts to keep this challenge live.

Here are the poems he has penned for the Challenges:

These poems depict his excellence in writing and also how versatile and creative he is. I am simply amazed by his poems and guys, you really need to visit his blog to see how beautifully he phrases poetry.

Visit J. Milburn’s Blog

Also, I hope to see him participate for the future challenges as well!

J., Congratulations! You are awarded the “Be Inspired” Badge for your consistent writing in challenges and I wish you all the best for all your endeavors. Keep writing!










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